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Just running around like crazy.

I volunteered myself for a Marketing Committee meeting for the non-profit I used to work for once upon a time, Vox. I only agreed to do it because I really, really like the ladies who were there: LS, JJ, and DB. We met up at House of Pies, had lunch while we talked, and then talked some more over pie. I had peach pie ala mode. Yum. But I was hurting afterward because of it. I should have passed on the pie.

What else?

For graduation, Yoshi ordered me a scanner (Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner) in an attempt to get me to clear my desk of all this paper that has piled up and taken over the office. At first, I literally had no room to set it up on my desk; but then after I moved a pile of stuff on to the floor, I found a space for it. Setting it up took a little bit of time (installing the software), but I’ve been messing with it since I set it up last weekend. I’ve decided I like it. I’m scanning things to PDF, but I still haven’t figured out my naming conventions and how I’m going to organize things electronically yet. Considering most of this stuff wasn’t organized when it was in paper form; I guess it doesn’t really matter that I don’t know how I’m going to do this yet, does it?

Anyway, this “going paperless” thing is less daunting than I thought it would be, but I still get roadblocked while doing it. I can spend hours scanning/organizing things and still not really make a dent into the giant piles of paper.

Then again, the giant piles of paper WERE pretty damn bad.

Oh yes… the Mother’s Day performance is tomorrow and I am trying not to think about it because I’m still all freaked out. The good news is, I don’t think anyone is videotaping it… sorry for everyone who is asking for a video, but I guess you have to be there in person to see the goods!!!

Joz’s Rice Heritage via Darleene

My good online friend Darleene, blogger and journalist extraordinaire, has been obsessing about rice due to all the recent stories about rice shortages and rice hoarding.

Anyway, Darleene asked me some questions about rice and I answered them.

And she posted it on her blog: Rice Heritage: Joz

Check it out if you want to see what I said and if you want to tell her what you think about rice, send her a note!

Thanks, Darleene!

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-07

  • The next 48 hours are going to be non-stop: work, drive, rehearsal, drive, sleep, drive, work (client presentation), drive, rehearsal, drive #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-06

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I am supposed to get on stage in front my Mom on Mother’s Day and I am flipping the heck out.

So one of the crazy things I got involved with promptly after graduation is this Mother’s Day performance at the Pacific Asia Museum my friend Andrea Apuy is co-directing.

It’s called “Chinese American Stories: My Mother” and since it’s on Mother’s Day, I’ve invited my Mom to see it.

That’s right… I’m getting on stage and telling a story about my mother… with my Mom in the audience! Am I insane!? I feel as nervous as I did in second grade when I was forced to enter speech contests in Chinese School (more like pronunciation contests, because we’d recite poems and stories and stuff; not usually things we wrote ourselves) and had to speak on stage in front of my parents and all the parents of all the other students. Nerve-racking!

Except now I’m doing this supposedly willingly and of my own free will. I blame the decision on the delirium due to lost brain cells during my final semester of MBA school.

Anyway, I’ll be telling a story that has been previously told on this blog, but it’s a story that was meant to be read on the page (or screen, rather), so even though the story was already written, I’ve had to do a lot of “re-working” of this thing.

Oh yeah, there is a also great cast of Chinese Americans who will also share stories for and about their mothers, so it’s not just me who will be up there. (And Taiwanese American Joz will temporarily overlook being lumped in as a Chinese American, for this performance only.)

Here’s the cast listing:
Henry Ong
Judy Soo Hoo
Anna Gee
Marshall Wong
Linda Chong
Ann Lau
Denesa Chan
Joyce F Liu
Ewan Chung
Andrea Apuy
Regina Cheng-Sheu
Elbert Traister
Howard Ho

If you come, it would be a great way to spend Mother’s Day afternoon. I suggest brunching in Old Town Pasadena, coming to the Museum and then wandering the Pacific Asia Museum for a bit before the 2pm performance.

Doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to spend an afternoon with Mom?

Flyer for May 11, 2008, Mother\'s Day performance

Chinese American Stories: My Mother”
Sunday, May 11, 2008 from 2-4pm
Mother’s Day Performance
A presentation of community, family and personal memories collected in a writing/oral history workshop by playwright Henry Ong.

Free with museum admission; call 626.449.2742 ext. 31 to RSVP.

Pacific Asia Museum
46 North Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

Museum Admission
$7 for adults, $5 for students/seniors

Parking: Free parking is available in museum parking lot, located on corner of Los Robles and Union in Pasadena

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  • Image and info on Joz’s Flickr
  • Pimpage on L.A. Metblogs (formerly by Jason Burns
  • Pimpage on 8Asians by Ernie, who gives away the milk for free
  • Twitter Updates for 2008-05-05

    • Post at LA Metblogs by Joz: Best headline of the day: Cops Say Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Is Also Shot Twice #

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    Entire post written.

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    Going to bed now.

    Twitter Updates for 2008-05-03

    • on the plane in Sacramento. Heading back to LA now. #
    • just landed. #
    • Back in LA. Home sweet home. #
    • yelping.. Starbucks – Prairie City & Iron Point – Folsom (3/5) on It’s a Starbucks, .. #
    • yelping.. Alamo Rental (3/5) on Fresh off my San Antonio trip where I rented from Al.. #
    • Back from dinner. Yum. But wow that was a late dinner. #
    • Ha! "To do" note I wrote to myself on Thursday afternoon: "pack, shower, finish stuff, kiss yoshi, eat something." Ridik. #

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    Twitter Updates for 2008-05-02

    • waiting to board my flight to Sacramento. #
    • omg. A big ol’ "don’t you know you smell like ASS?" how grateful I was to be smelling jetfuel while walking the Tarmac. Much preferable! #
    • landed in Sacto. Avoiding ASS smell guy. Ew. Seriously foul. #
    • Is twitter down? #
    • I hate sleeping alone in hotel rooms. #
    • yelping.. Courtyard by Marriott Sacramento Folsom (4/5) on Here on a business trip. .. #
    • Whoa. Way past bedtime. #

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    May Day 2008

    Ok, so I’d like to keep playing hooky from writing in my blog because it was nice to be on vacation from it. I know the Twitter posts are short and boring, so I guess I’ll get back into the swing of things by writing something that actually resembles a blog post.

    A lot of things have happened since graduation, which was only 2 or 3 weeks ago. I’m still working on my thank you notes and other correspondence.

    My social calendar has kept me insanely busy, but I think I need to tone it all down and spend a little more time at home.

    Work has been keeping me extremely busy. In fact, I’m sitting at the airport right now, waiting for a flight that is going to take me up to Sacramento for client meetings all day tomorrow.

    In other news, my Grandma is in the hospital again. I found out late last night that they took her to the ER, I’m not sure why. I won’t be back in LA until late Friday night, so I won’t be able to visit this weekend.

    Well the plane is here, so off I go…

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