Joz has a new pair of shoes!

Wow. Joz’s life must be extremely dull for her to be blogging about a new pair of shoes!


Yup, dull!

Anyway, I am going to be going on a trip at the end of June where I will be doing a lot of walking. The last time I spent good money on good walking shoes was back in early 2006 for our trip to Italy.

Over Memorial Day weekend, when we went to the mall to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, we also swung by the Walking Store so Yoshi could check out shoes. Yoshi didn’t find anything, but funny how I ended up spending $100 on a new pair of shoes for myself!

Check them out: Women’s Merrell Plaza Bandeau

They’re a little ugly, but they are super-duper comfy! They are casual enough that I can walk in them while sightseeing, but not so casual that I couldn’t wear them for a “dressier” occasion.

Sadly, I still won’t get rid of my Munro walking shoes that I bought in 2006 even though I did get a lot of use out of them. Since they’re made of really nice leather, I am convinced that if I get a nice shoe shine they’ll be ok again.


Do you want to guess where we’re headed this summer?

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