Daily Archive for May 25th, 2008

Thinking of ProfessorEric & his beau

Yoshi and I were going to meet up with the Prof, his beau, and another old friend for some vegetarian soul food at lunch on Friday, but I got a call at the last minute that lunch was canceled.

“What’s going on?” I asked the Prof.

“I’m sorry to cancel lunch, but [the boyfriend’s] dad is not doing well and we have to go there right away. We just booked a 3pm flight to Chicago.”

“Oh no. Can I drive you to the airport?” I asked.

And thus our lunch plans changed to driving the boys to LAX over my lunch break.

On Saturday night, I got an email from the BF that his Dad had passed away at around 8:15pm Illinois time.

They have been on my mind all weekend and we have been sending our love from L.A. We love you guys.

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