When the news hits close to home

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the news, I tend to skim through it online and maybe read a story or two that catches my eye.

But when you hear about something first AND THEN start looking for more information, well, that’s a whole different way of looking at the news. Last year, with the Virginia Tech massacre still in progress, I had arrived at work (not having seen or heard any news yet) and saw the IM status message of my brother’s girlfriend (then a student living on-campus at VT): “Campus shooting. Under lockdown.” I spent the rest of the day online chatting with her and keeping tabs on all the news as it developed.

I had a similar feeling this morning I signed online to check email and received a slew messages from my good friend who lives in OC. Her teenaged daughter (B) is freaking out she said, because there was a fatal car crash last night on the 5 freeway; 3 people were killed. And B was supposed to have been in that car, but it was the “one night she didn’t go out with her friends in Hollywood.”

Last night around 3am, there was a wrong-way driver in a Toyota Yaris driving northbound up to 80mph on the southbound 5 near Commerce. He collided with a Nissan Sentra filled with the friends of B; the female driver and a female passenger in the car were killed, along with the wrong-way driver. Two male passengers in the Nissan Sentra are critically injured. There was another friend (D), who was driving in another vehicle who witnessed the collision and said that both cars went airborne after they crashed. D called B at 6am to tell her what had happened.

And although the group had been at a club in Hollywood, they had not had any alcohol. They were simply driving the right way on the freeway, trying to get home after a fun night out.

There is some coverage in the local news, at CBS and NBC (video and slideshow available), but this is the type of story I normally would have glanced at and not given another thought to.

Today, I am looking at the story with my friend and B in mind, and I send my deepest condolences to everyone who has been impacted by the losses of these young lives.

Photo from NBC4.tv

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5 Responses to “When the news hits close to home”

  • oh no! i will be thinking of b and and her friends. this is awful.

  • That’s made especially more sad because, as you say, they were doing the right thing and minding their own business, and yet they were involved in the accident because of somebody else’s stupidity.

  • That gives me chills and makes me so sad. Hugs and condolences to your friend, her daughter and the families and friends of the kids involved in the accident.

  • Man, I know the feeling.I found out a high school friend died from a stray bullet when he was driving the kids home on the 11 o’clock news.Still can’t believe it.I can only imagine what her daughter is going though since she normally goes with them.I hope her daughter gets better.It’s tough dealing with this short of thing.

  • Oh wow, I remember hearing about this, so crazy! It’s a terrible tragedy.

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