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May Day 2008

Ok, so I’d like to keep playing hooky from writing in my blog because it was nice to be on vacation from it. I know the Twitter posts are short and boring, so I guess I’ll get back into the swing of things by writing something that actually resembles a blog post.

A lot of things have happened since graduation, which was only 2 or 3 weeks ago. I’m still working on my thank you notes and other correspondence.

My social calendar has kept me insanely busy, but I think I need to tone it all down and spend a little more time at home.

Work has been keeping me extremely busy. In fact, I’m sitting at the airport right now, waiting for a flight that is going to take me up to Sacramento for client meetings all day tomorrow.

In other news, my Grandma is in the hospital again. I found out late last night that they took her to the ER, I’m not sure why. I won’t be back in LA until late Friday night, so I won’t be able to visit this weekend.

Well the plane is here, so off I go…

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