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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • What happened to April? Seriously. Who took it from me?!?!?!?! Where did it go!?!?!? #
  • yelping.. Pepperdine University (5/5) on Pros:
    1) Beautiful campus!
    2) Pretty good s.. #
  • Sleepy sleepy sleepy time. #
  • Awake early to follow the fire at Hollywood & Vine. From my desk, of course. My write-up at LA Metblogs: #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • Midnight. Just spent Monday night having drinks at The Well & Hotel Fig with folks from LA Metblogs. And I rode the Metro, too! #
  • Today is a Scissor Sisters day. #
  • does not want to hear from Efi about things that people get stuck up their asses (literally). I DON’T CARE! STOP SHARING! Stop, stop, stop! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-27

  • Barely recovered from my very busy Saturday: 12p picnic, 2p rehearsal, 5 p party. Allergy attack made me miss the karaoke birthday at 10p #
  • @seanbonner Scoops is open on Sundays from 2-6 in the afternoon. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-26

  • It took 11 hours but the novacaine finally wore off! I can feel my mouth! I have lips again! Now off to find Yoshi to kiss; gotta test out! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25

  • Lunch today with Royce at "our place" Roscoe’s on Pico. Scoe’s #1 & #2. His w/ a side of mac n cheese. Mine w/ greens. Diet Cokes for both. #
  • Got home not too long ago from Carly Milne’s book launch party. Her book is entitled "Sexography." Carly rocks! #
  • My dentist felt so bad that I was in a little bit if discomfort that he kept petting my hair and kissed my forehead! He’s the best!!!!! #
  • Right now I cannot feel the left side of my face. Where’d it go?!?! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-24

  • Dinner with yoshi and outoutblogger at celadon. Tapas. Yum! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-22

  • yoshi is watching some show where some idiot gets a cannonball shot at his nads. yoshi is laughing hysterically at his stupidity #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-21

  • dinner in Hollywood. Miceli’s in memory of John Ingram’s birthday #
  • how can I possibly be ready for bedtime already? It’s only 9:30! Of course, we woke up early this morning but still… #
  • Playing with my Zombie on Facebook before turning in for the night. So early! #
  • @Cruftbox. Congratulations, Uncle!!! #
  • 7am appt at the dentist #

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Joz is a very bad blogger!

I’m just freakin’ exhausted!

April has been an absolute whirlwind month and frankly, I deserve a break.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the little things via Twitter and Flickr and Delicious, but I know that these types of things are not the same as me sitting down and devoting a few minutes to, oh, actually WRITING something.

I miss blogging. But I need this right now.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll be back when I come back.

And yes, I’ll definitely be back.

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-20

  • Saturday of love. Dropped EB off at Union Station, met w/ Mom & Bro to chant for Dad, lunch, visit Grandma, home with Yoshi. Love! #
  • Attempting to clean my nightmare of a desk. Going through a stack of business cards I needed to put into my rolo. #
  • I paid attention in high school math: a=60, b=77, c=?. a²+b²=c². a²=3600, b²=5929, c²=9529. c=97.61" Finding size of our projected screen #
  • Writing thank you notes for people who attended my graduation party last weekend. Priority: people who have gifts. :) #
  • Was waiting for a parking space at the supermarket and a stupid bitch in a white car drove around my car and stole the space! BITCH!!! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-18

  • Random note written on post-it: (Date unknown) Two glasses of wine @ interview. Out w/ Rebecca. New York bars close @ 5am! Slept. #
  • I broke my left thumbnail earlier this evening. OW! Now my fingernails are all uneven. :( #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-16

  • Cricket in the office, down the hall. chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp… #
  • @jaybushman CHUCK D!?!? #

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The jozjozjoz song & dance!

Thankfully, this song and dance is not actually performed by jozjozjoz… it is FOR jozjozjoz!

I am so lucky!

My good friend bobo was going to drive almost 100 miles to come to my graduation party this past Saturday with her hubby routerguy and her daughter S, but they couldn’t make it at the last minute. So their other daughter Amber made up and performed the jozjozjoz song to celebrate my MBA while bobo spelled “j o z” in sign language.


I love the bow-chicka-bow-wows. Check it out! hehehe!

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-15

  • My fortune cookie for today "You are a practical person with your feet on the ground" (yes, I did actually eat the cookie) #

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I survived!

Had the most wonderful graduation weekend but don’t have the time or energy to write about it quite yet.

For everyone who thought that I was going to have all kinds of free time after graduation, I don’t know about that!

It’s been an insanely busy few weeks and I promise to make time to catch you up with it!

In the meantime, here are some pictures I posted on flickr that I took with my iPhone this past weekend…

This is what a happy girl looks like Ready for graduation! Cap and gown, baybee! It's my party...

But now it’s time for sleep!

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14

  • pumpkin time. The end of the most amazing graduation weekend and celebration #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-12

  • omg. Awesome dinner made by EB w/ help from Mom. Desser by Tai from Scoops via the prof & his beau. w/ 12 of my most beloved #
  • 4an. Can’t sleep. Too excited about graduation and party tomorrow!!! #
  • I cannot believe I could not fall asleep all night!!! I shall run on adrenaline all day Saturday!!! #
  • cap and gown on + bling! Lined up to march!!! #

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I’m a lucky, lucky girl

How blessed am I that 12 of my very favorite people in the world traveled from far and wide to spend my graduation weekend with me?

A yummy Italian dinner was made from scratch by EB with help from sous chef Mom.

Dessert was made lovingly by Tai at Scoops and special delivered by Prof Eric and his beau. Tai made a strawberry lychee ice cream cake just for this occasion!!! Thank you, Tai!!!

Everyone else pitched in other ways or traveled a very long way to be here with me.

I am so grateful.

I am so lucky.

More later… (pecked out Saturday morning at 4:15am via iPhone in bed)

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-11

  • It hasn’t all been bad. 5:15pm and I sent in my final exam for my final class. I am officially DONE with my MBA program!!! WHOO HOO! #
  • omg. hot. in. my. office. why doesn’t the a/c work harder in the afternoon to prevent this heatwave happening in here!?!?!? #
  • My fortune cookie says: The coming month shall bring winds of change in your life. #
  • at lax for the third time in less than a week. Here to pick up Mom returning from Taiwan. Flight arrived late. Tired of ciecli #
  • er. Circling, that is. #

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