Daily Archive for March 29th, 2008

Lazy day! A luxury!

I didn’t have anywhere I had to be today!

What a luxury to stay home and futz around for most of the day.

I did do my 11am call, which ended up happening closer to noon. No matter; we got a lot accomplished on that call.

What else?

I went to the gym today! Yoshi came with me!!! Whoo!

We didn’t stay long because we both wanted to watch the second half of the UCLA/Xavier game at home.

Yay! My guys are going to the Final Four again!!! GO BRUINS!

I’ve been purposely avoiding March Madness this year because I can get so sucked in, but now it’s time to give my boys some props! I am so excited!!!

What else? I played too much Guitar Hero today. I think a grand total of five hours worth over the course of the day. I have hand cramps. Ow. And pathetic. In fact, it’s hard to type.

I didn’t clean my desk, but I still have tomorrow to tackle that.

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