Daily Archive for March 25th, 2008

So much on my mind.

Another bout of insomnia, despite being totally exhausted.

-Had dinner tonight in Larchmont Village with my old friend Greg. He treated me to a sushi dinner because he can’t make it to my graduation party next month since he’ll be in Europe. Greg and I go back over a decade now. I forget exactly how we met in the first place, but I remember that after I met him, I lost touch with him for a while and then one day I was driving on Venice Boulevard and a guy in a big red truck started honking at me and waving at me to pull over and it was him. And that’s how we got back in touch. Over the years, we both drifted apart, but we always managed to keep connected via email/text/whatever so that we didn’t lose each other again. Since I last saw him six+ years ago; he’s been married, been divorced, became a father, and somehow manages to look exactly the same as the day we met. I’m so glad to have good friends like him.

-I heard some really bad news last night which really made me sad. Over this past Christmas, my brother’s gf’s family came to Los Angeles to spend the holidays together. My brother, my mom, and I, the gf, her parents, grandparents and sister + her bf & his family (his parents from Mexico and a cousin) all spent the day before Christmas Eve and Christmas day together. A 15 person van was rented for this crazy entourage and we did a driving tour of L.A. We went up to the Getty Center and then down to In-N-Out and Diddy Reese cookies in Westwood for lunch. And then on Christmas Day, we all got together and had a massive Christmas feast at the Universal Hilton buffet.

One of the people there was Miguel, the father of the gf’s sister’s boyfriend, who had come in from Mexico to spend time with his son for the holidays. He had just lost his own mother right before the holidays, so I remember that I would see a very wistful look in his eyes when he thought no one was looking. Obviously, he was thinking about his Mom.

Last night, my bro’s gf told me that Miguel had been taking a walk on Friday when he had an aneurysm. He was braindead by the time he arrived at the hospital. Some immediate family members traveled immediately to be at his side and then they took him off of life support on Sunday.

I was shocked to hear this, and obviously, the parallels to my own father’s passing were not lost on me. Even though I only met him for those couple of days, I’m saddened to hear of his passing and send good thoughts to his family who have suffered multiple losses in such a short time. My heart aches for them because I know too well the shock and grief you feel when someone you love is taken from you so suddenly.

(written on 4/26/06 @ 4:00am)

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