Daily Archive for March 24th, 2008

Yes, that is my oogly little dog at the top of my blog again!

Did you miss him?

I sure did.

If you have been reading jozjozjoz since the beginning, then that image should look familiar to you. It’s a funny picture of my dog Chu-Chu, who passed away in January 2003, a few weeks before I decided to start blogging. I’m not sure I ever explained that publicly, but it’s true.

Originally, I thought I was going to write about my dog to get over my grief of losing him. I quickly came to realize that I didn’t feel comfortable blogging about things like that and instead focused on the “insignifica” of my life.

That’s right, insignifica. Do you remember that, too? Before I moved to my own .com, my good friend Mike Doss was kind enough to host me on his site at insignifica.org/jozjozjoz, unwittingly creating the blogging monster I have now become.

Anyway, that was a little jozjozjoz blog history for you.

Thanks again to The Other Yoshi who has put another blog design for us to try. I’m glad to see my old banner up (originally designed by Gingersmack), but I can already tell that there is some tweaking I’m going to want done to this layout. Is there anything that you want to see? Features missing? (I’m thinking I still want a third column/extra sidebar, along with a bunch of stuff that seems to be missing.)

It’s really clear to me that even though this is my blog, it would never have been able to manage and maintain it without the help of the people above, plus friends like Michael who has helped me through a number of upgrades, server moves and massive housekeeping chores. My sincerest gratitudes for all these people who have helped me over the years out of the kindness of their hearts!

And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without all my friends who visit and read and comment and basically keep it fun for me to keep doing this, thank you, too!

(written on 4/26/06 @ 4:30am)

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