Daily Archive for March 23rd, 2008

I could write more about each of these things…

…but probably won’t get to.

-NEW BLOG DESIGN! What a surprise to come home to this after my Sim! Thanks, The Other Yoshi!

-Dinner with TCho on Wednesday night @ Lucques. Loved meeting him! I have a picture I need to get off the camera and to send him too.

-Post-Simulation celebration with my female teammates. There is a picture of us and our giant margaritas of different flavors also on my camera. That won’t get posted here. Was very happy to see that the Stanford Men’s Basketball team won in overtime. If they had lost, I would have been scared to come home to an unhappy Yoshi.

-Watched the UCLA Men’s Basketball team’s exciting win. I was nervous there for a while, but my boys pulled through. I love March Madness, but I’ve had to ignore most of it because of school this year. Trying not to pay too much attention or to get sucked in too much.

-Watched WHEN HARRY MET SALLY on TV last night on a whim. Was so exhausted after the Sim, I crashed out in front of the TV and let my brain rest for hours on end. I had forgotten a lot of that movie, so it was almost like watching the movie for the first time again.

-Guitar Hero at home after the Sim and some today. I still suck, but I’m a little better than I was before.

-Today: Stayed home and vegged out. Slept for several hours in the middle of the day as well. Watched TV and played more Guitar Hero. Waited for a while for call with a client in India but then she emailed and said she wants to reschedule to tomorrow. Doh.

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