Daily Archive for March 20th, 2008

Elections in Taiwan. Joz is watching.

Does that sound ominous enough for you?

Just kidding. I just made a post at 8Asians regarding the phenomenon of Taiwanese Americans traveling back to Taiwan to vote in their presidential elections.

In case you have forgotten, my Mom has been in Taiwan since the end of February and will be there through the end of this month. She did have to go back for other reasons, but she is also there to vote.

For kicks, I searched the term “Taiwan” on my own blog and was surprised at all the times I had mentioned it. Most of the references are in passing about one or both of my parents being in/calling from Taiwan.

Here are a couple of posts I had completely forgotten I had written about. Reading them takes me back to a time when my heart wasn’t broken for losing my Dad as well as how frustrated I used to get while dealing with him.

The guilt factor.
This post is interesting because I distinctly remember some of these phone calls I was getting from Dad and I remember writing this post the way I did as a way for me (secretly) remind myself of a specific “fight” I had on the phone with Dad. I am not going to get into the details of this fight, but I recently thought about this fight and was chilled about what we had argued about.

I love my Mom & Dad…. and some Taiwanese political stuff
This is one of the few times I wrote about my parents’ direct involvement in Taiwanese politics. I am still so proud of everything they fought for, everything they stand for, everything they taught me to be proud of.

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