I am 6 of 8.

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

I had the bestest time tonight with a bunch of the folks from 8Asians.com. Aside from Ernie and Efi, John, BrianX, Nicole, and MJ & Jason joined to have shabu shabu in J-Town. After dinner, MJ & Jason invited us over to their place to play Rock Band, so I convinced Yoshi to come join us after dinner to play. When we got there, it turned out Kevin (damn you, Kevin!) had taken the game so there was no Rock Banding to happen. Instead, we watched Hard Boiled and held our own session of MST3K. Unfortunately, Brian & John had to take off early, so they didn’t get to stay very long, but we got this shot on Ernie’s iPhone together before they took off.

6 of 8Asians at MJ & Jason’s - 03-15-2008

Seriously, I had the best time and thanks to Efi for being social director this time, as well for being our chauffeur for the night.

Thanks also to MJ & Jason for having us over and feeding us Girl Scout Cookies. (Sorry about the lottery ticket, yo.)

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