Daily Archive for March 15th, 2008

Yay, San Francisco!

I love this city, I totally do!

I have so many friends here and wish I could come up and visit more often. We used to come up every other month, but since I’ve been in school, it has been a lot harder to plan weekend trips away.

Anyway, since I had dinner last night with my a bunch of my former classmates in L.A. (Geoffrey + his wife, Shaun, Angela, Nicole, Melissa, Ali + Doug, Denise + fiance), we couldn’t leave until this morning. That meant that we had to leave the house by 7am to get up to San Jose by noonish to have lunch with Yoshi’s parents.

The drive up was pretty uneventful and even though I drove, Yoshi kept me company and we talked the whole way up. (I did not speed, that much.) It snowed a little while we were going over the Grapevine, and then it rained a little here and there, but for the most part Mr. Sun was with us for the drive. We did have to make two bathroom breaks, and it wasn’t even my fault one time!

We talked about all kinds of stuff, but while we were on the Pacheco Pass, Yoshi noticed a bunch of cows (longhorns) on the side of the road. “Cows! Longhorns!” said Yoshi! “Scary!” (in reference to how pointy horns were)

“What sound does a scary cow make?” I wondered to myself.

“MOO-GRR!” I blurted outloud with no explanation.

Yoshi burst out laughing.

Just watch. Our next dog is probably going to be black and white and named “Mooger.”

Anyway, Yoshi’s Mom’s friend from Hawaii is visiting San Jose (we had met her before years ago when we all happened to be in Vegas at the same time), but she needed a nap while the rest of us went and grabbed a quick Mexican meal. We brought back a taco (carnitas) for her, which she ate and declared, “Wow, this taco is ono!” So cute! Per Yoshi Mom’s suggestion, when I’m at dinner tonight, I am totally going to declare something to be totally “ono!”

Anyway, while we were there, Yoshi’s cousin P stopped by to drop something off, so it was cool to see him, even for a split second. Then we had to hit the road and drive up to SF. Our goal was to get to the hotel and checked in by 3:15 so Yoshi could watch the Stanford/UCLA Pac-10 Championship game in the room.

We were a little late, but Yoshi didn’t miss that much of the game, but there was some grumpiness going on as the clock ticked past 3:30 as we were getting up to the room.

Right now the score is tied 43-43 and Yoshi is sprawled out across the bed and keeps yelling at the TV.

I’m just trying to keep occupied and out of the way.

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