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Hi everyone, The Other Yoshi here! I’ve come to ask everyone to think about the theme that is currently on here, and to vote if you like it or not. It’s called “The New Yorker” theme. So please everyone, please take a moment to vote! It may or may not be going. I might even end up designing a whole new theme, which would be a recreation of what used to be jozjozjoz.com.


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15 Responses to “Let’s vote about this theme!”

  • You need to have more than one post on the front page. Otherwise people get confused. Other people, not me. Never me.

  • I totally agree, and i’m pretty sure joz said she likes the idea of having 10 or so posts on the front page. I’ll have to sit down with her and hash something out. :D

  • I really like the header and the black and white color scheme. I don’t like only having one post on the home page. For me it isn’t confusing; merely inconvenient. And having four columns makes me a little claustrophobic. While I don’t tend to focus on all the information on the left hand side, it does distract from the writing in the middle column.

  • I like it but.. too many columns

  • I miss not having other post outside of the most recent on the page.

  • I like it a lot, but it is a little too busy for me.

  • Yes, I miss being able to read multiple posts on the same page. also, the typeface is still very hard for me to read (and my vision’s not usually bad)

  • no likey the 4 columns. no likey the narrowness of the post text or the comment text. likey the colors. likey that it’s not generic wordpress template. jozjozjoz needs either eggplant or chu chu on page. thanky to other yoshi for fixing the jozjozjoz bloggie!

  • I like it lots, actually, but I agree about the need for multiple posts and there being too many columns.

  • BTW, the clocks in the upper right are wrong. The one for LA has NY time and the London has LA time.

  • it’s prety sexy! just two things: the title (jozjozjoz) is not evident enough so you lose some of your branding, and items in the right column could be placed closer together to show group relationships. oh, I guess three things – the nav bar starting with HOME wouldn’t suffer from some more initial delineation of buttons. it’s clear which is which when you rollover, but before that, they need a little something to make them more individual. but still, quite sexy, especially the clocks. LA should be first though. ;)

  • I like the clocks – otherwise I’m not such a fan of the rest of design, way too abstract. Just one Sharky opinion

  • yeah, I like being able to see other posts, and the typeface is just way too small for me…

  • I like it, but…

    Number of posts needs to increase, but that’s an easy fix.

    The white/dark balance is too skewed towards white. The line height is too great and for the size of the print, it would help to use a serif font.

    The sidebar sections seem a bit ‘samey’ therefore difficult to distinguish from one another.

    Most of all? The header and footer art just don’t feel like something Joz would use. Too stark and jagged.

    It’s not a bad theme. But I think you could do better.

  • Glad to see, however, that you’ve ditched the captcha. Askimet should do the trick.

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