Not my fault!

It’s 2:30am and I was just about to take a shower and go join Yoshi in bed.

That is until I flipped the bathroom light switch and the light bulb suddenly flashed brightly before dying a quick lightbulby* death.

Damn! It’s dark in there at night!

I’m not up for taking a shower in a dark, so maybe I can light some candles or something. Now I’ve got to figure out what tall person I can sweet talk into coming over and changing that light bulb for us.

Or I can sweet talk a not-so-tall person (Yoshi) into finding a ladder and changing out the light bulb, too.

Normally, the default choice would be the latter but Yoshi has a lot going on tomorrow. Plus, Yoshi’s been sick all week so I’m just trying to avoid being the pain in the butt I normally am. (In that vein, I even cleaned tonight!!!)

Oh well, I know I’m going to end up buckling and asking Yoshi to change the light because although the tall-person method does eventually work (usually aforementioned tall person is professoreric), it’s not very expedient.

Yoshi already had to fix the hot water handle for the shower today (I was awakened in the morning by Yoshi telling me, “If you want to to take a shower you’re going to have to use pliers.”), so this is a lot of bathroom stuff breaking in two days. Sheesh.

Yoshi’s parents are visiting for the weekend so we’re trying to make this place not look like the disaster area I usually leave it. I didn’t do too poorly in the living room (almost done), but I think my desk is beyond hope.

PS – I came home after work and played Guitar Hero (did I mention we got Guitar Hero?!) for a little while before taking a nap from 8-10pm while Yoshi was out taking care of a few things. I have not been up all day + all night. But sleep soon would probably be a good idea.

*What? It could be a word. Maybe not a real one, but a word nonetheless.

UPDATE: Yay Yoshi! We have light in the bathroom!

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4 Responses to “Not my fault!”

  • Ha, playing too much guitar hero are you? :D

    I’d come over to fix it but by the time iI got there…you could have changed it a few times heh.

  • If it wasn’t a word before, it’s a word now.

  • Blog redesign! Cool. Don’t you hate being short? A friend brought flowers a couple of weeks ago and then I made him get my vase from a high cabinet. Even Eric would have had to use a step stool. Even with that there are lights, etc. I can’t reach in our house.

  • What is this light bulb you speak of? Is it some kind of witchery?! Why must it be changed?

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