Question: Why should companies that want to promote their products send Joz to parties and give her free stuff?

Answer: Joz will come home with the stuff she really loves, and then take pictures of herself kissing their products in bed.* (It sounds naughty, but it’s totally not.)

Joz Loves Her New Pink Nintendo DS - 03-06-2008

That’s right. For going to a party, I came home with a new pink Nintendo DS! (I am going to name her “DSty Rose” as in dusty rose pink. Peeeeeeeeeeeenk! And yes, I am already in love, but to be fair, Yoshi has a black Nintendo DS named “DSten” (Dustin) that I would play with frequently, so it’s not like am just mindlessly playing into the marketing ploys of Nintendo. But if Nintendo wants to believe that the brain washing worked, I’m ok with that too. I guess that just means I’m easy.

My long-time friend Lindsay William-Ross from LAist was the hostess with the mostest last night at a Nintendo/BrandEnthusiast event called “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming.” Lindsay was kind enough to include me on the guest list which included a bunch of kickass girls (lots from LAist) I’ve been wanting to meet for some time (years!)… like the beautiful Jayfader and Siel (GreenLAGirl). (Picture of the 3 of us coming soon!)

It’s actually hard for me to get out to events in the city during weeknights, not just because of traffic, but also because of parking. I didn’t have to worry last night because the hosts provided complimentary valet service. SCORE!

The event was held in a converted photo studio off of LaBrea and Melrose and I was greeted by the warm smiles and hugs of Lindsay… and a table full of food, snacks, candy, drinks, and wine!

Throughout the room, there were Nintendo “hostesses” who were dressed in cute little black dresses with little satchels tied around their waists. It turned out these satchels held some fun goodies for us.

So after coming in and having a little bite to eat, one hostess gave every guest a heavy gold charm bracelet to wear. There were four (themed) seating areas which were like modern little living rooms with modern-type couches, a coffee table and some chairs. On each table they had like 4-6 DSs sitting around and at each one there was a hostess who helped you play a certain Nintendo DS game. So I played Brain Age 2, Mario Kart, Nintendogs and Planet Puzzle League (totally addicting). (Believe it or not, even though we already have a DS in our house, I had never played any of those games, with the exception of some Nintendogs a long time ago.) After you were done playing the game (usually 15 min), the hostess would add a charm for your bracelet (from aforementioned satchel) and when you got all 4 charms you got a Nintendo DS of your own (black or pink) to take with you!!!

And, as we walked out of the door, thinking they were done giving us things, another hostess stopped us to hand us copies of Brain Age 2! Woot!

I had the greatest time and going to a party where I could simultaneously be social and anti-social and where I didn’t get yelled at for being rude by playing with my electronicals in public. (Hmm, didn’t mean for that to sound so dirty…)

THANKS AGAIN FOR INCLUDING ME, LINDSAY! And thanks to everyone who put it all together for making the night so much fun for me!

*If I do go to any parties or get any free stuff, I don’t promise kisses, getting in bed with anyone/anything, or any bedroom pictures. Basically, I make no promises… not even to go to any parties or to take any stuff!

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13 Responses to “Question: Why should companies that want to promote their products send Joz to parties and give her free stuff?”

  • A stunning endorsement for Nintendo.

  • I would so love to go to parties and events like that. I’ve always wanted to be a Girl Tech reviewer but never knew how to break in.. any ideas?

  • Sorry Shan… I’ve no idea! I’m not a tech reviewer either, but you would be great at it!!!

  • Electronicals. Love that term. Why don’t I get invited to any cool parties like this??

  • Wow, awesome! I’m soooo jealous!!!! I already have a DS, but still… I’ve been hooked on Puzzle Quest for the past few months; juggling that and guitar hero these days.

  • I babysat for an 8 year old a few years ago who had the pink DS. Backstory … he’d saved his allowance for months and when he finally had enough money to buy the DS the only one in a 20 mile radius was a pink one.

    Me being slow on the uptake said to him, “Hey, you have a pink DS!”

    He promptly corrected me. “It’s not pink. It’s SALMON.”

    I nodded and said, “Right. It’s a cool color.”

    Hey, if he has to call it salmon so his friends don’t make fun of him, who am I to argue?

    Either way, DS rocks. I love mine.

  • Joz!!!!
    I’m SOOOOOOO glad you could come to the party, and so happy you love your pink DS (mine’s pink, too, with a pink heart on it in pink rhinestones…for reals!). Enjoy! Have fun! You’re def on the list for ANY party i have!

  • After hours of hard work, I’ve now gotten my brain age down to 30 —

  • “ninendo – bringing avatars together”
    it was soooo great to finally finally finally meet you in person!

  • So fun! I’m glad you got to go. I’m a little jealous, but then I already have a pink DS!

  • The biggest mistake I made was buying one DS when I have two children. Though the DS is officially my daughter’s (my son shares the XBox 360 with me), both kids play it….. and argue.

  • All these comments, and not one person says how absolutely sexxxay you look? Let me be the first then – you look hot!

  • Luv the ikea sheets – doetzi wouldn’t buy them, she didn’t like the difference between the pillow cases and the comforter case ; P

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