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  • blogging… Didn’t do anything. Brain turning into mush.: Man.
    I should never “do no.. #
  • blogging… Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30: UCLA in the Final Four, baybee!!!! #
    Too much G.. #
  • I was freezing in the office this morning and had the heater on until noon. Then at 3pm the sun started streaming in & it’s BROILING in here #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • UCLA in the Final Four, baybee!!!! #
  • Too much Guitar Hero. Hand cramps. Sad. #
  • blogging… Lazy day! A luxury!: I didn’t have anywhere I had to be today!
    What a lu.. #
  • Lying in bed. Debating if I should get up or not. #
  • It’s official! I’m going to San Antonio next weekend for the FINAL FOUR, baybee!!!!!! Go Bruins!!! #

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Didn’t do anything. Brain turning into mush.


I should never “do nothing” for too long because a weekend of doing nothing has my head feeling like writing a blog post is heavy lifting. Sad.

I didn’t go to the gym today (wasn’t planning to), but I will be there tomorrow. This “going to the gym” thing is scary. Who am I and what happened to the lazy-assed Joz we all know and love?

I got through almost the whole day without Guitar Hero until I broke down at around 6pm and played for like 40 minutes. But my hand is still all cramped up for all the GH from yesterday, so I was sucking royally and got yelled at by Yoshi to “STOP PLAYING!!! STOOOOPPPP!!!” I took the hint and stopped.

I screwed around online for a while today. I had Facebook scrape my entire Outlook contact list and added about 50 people on Facebook at one shot. They’ve been “approving the adds” all day. Yikes.

What else?


Ok, I’ll turn my caps lock off now, but YEAH! I’M EXCITED! (Oops. It’s going off now, I mean it this time.)

Thanks to EB for securing the tickets… so EB, Yoshi, my Bro, and I will be heading to the Alamo next weekend to cheer on my boys from Westwood. Yee haw! None of us have ever been to the Final Four and who knows if we’ll ever go again, so this is exciting even though all this travel is taking a huge chunk out of my bank account.

Yoshi is a HUGE basketball fan so this is my present to Yoshi for supporting me through my grad school program for the last couple of years. My brother is having a big birthday next week and this is my birthday present to him. EB has just been wanting to have cool people to go with, and let’s face it, who is cooler than Yoshi and my Bro? (Everyone knows I’m not cool, but people put up with me because all my friends are cool.) Oh, and I just love my alma mater, so we all have different reasons to be excited.

Have I mention that I’m excited? I may have forgotten to slip that in this post, so I just thought I’d put it in here, just so it’s perfectly clear that I’m excited.

It has been well over a decade (almost two) since I was last in San Antonio. Maybe if I can find some old pictures of myself at the Alamo, I will try to recreate them when I’m there.

More about this trip later, I’m sure. (Here’s my dopplr listing)

Lazy day! A luxury!

I didn’t have anywhere I had to be today!

What a luxury to stay home and futz around for most of the day.

I did do my 11am call, which ended up happening closer to noon. No matter; we got a lot accomplished on that call.

What else?

I went to the gym today! Yoshi came with me!!! Whoo!

We didn’t stay long because we both wanted to watch the second half of the UCLA/Xavier game at home.

Yay! My guys are going to the Final Four again!!! GO BRUINS!

I’ve been purposely avoiding March Madness this year because I can get so sucked in, but now it’s time to give my boys some props! I am so excited!!!

What else? I played too much Guitar Hero today. I think a grand total of five hours worth over the course of the day. I have hand cramps. Ow. And pathetic. In fact, it’s hard to type.

I didn’t clean my desk, but I still have tomorrow to tackle that.

What the heck happened to March?


What happened to this past month!?

Was supposed to go to Vegas this weekend, but I decided I really needed to NOT do that, especially if I might travel next weekend and have my final/graduation after that.

Going to attempt to clean my desk this weekend. (Ha!)

Oh and in other news, I went to the gym for the first time in ages yesterday. All by myself and under my own free will. What is the world coming to?

I have a call to do tomorrow, but other than that, I might even go back to the gym tomorrow.

Can you believe it?!

(I don’t either!!!)

So much on my mind.

Another bout of insomnia, despite being totally exhausted.

-Had dinner tonight in Larchmont Village with my old friend Greg. He treated me to a sushi dinner because he can’t make it to my graduation party next month since he’ll be in Europe. Greg and I go back over a decade now. I forget exactly how we met in the first place, but I remember that after I met him, I lost touch with him for a while and then one day I was driving on Venice Boulevard and a guy in a big red truck started honking at me and waving at me to pull over and it was him. And that’s how we got back in touch. Over the years, we both drifted apart, but we always managed to keep connected via email/text/whatever so that we didn’t lose each other again. Since I last saw him six+ years ago; he’s been married, been divorced, became a father, and somehow manages to look exactly the same as the day we met. I’m so glad to have good friends like him.

-I heard some really bad news last night which really made me sad. Over this past Christmas, my brother’s gf’s family came to Los Angeles to spend the holidays together. My brother, my mom, and I, the gf, her parents, grandparents and sister + her bf & his family (his parents from Mexico and a cousin) all spent the day before Christmas Eve and Christmas day together. A 15 person van was rented for this crazy entourage and we did a driving tour of L.A. We went up to the Getty Center and then down to In-N-Out and Diddy Reese cookies in Westwood for lunch. And then on Christmas Day, we all got together and had a massive Christmas feast at the Universal Hilton buffet.

One of the people there was Miguel, the father of the gf’s sister’s boyfriend, who had come in from Mexico to spend time with his son for the holidays. He had just lost his own mother right before the holidays, so I remember that I would see a very wistful look in his eyes when he thought no one was looking. Obviously, he was thinking about his Mom.

Last night, my bro’s gf told me that Miguel had been taking a walk on Friday when he had an aneurysm. He was braindead by the time he arrived at the hospital. Some immediate family members traveled immediately to be at his side and then they took him off of life support on Sunday.

I was shocked to hear this, and obviously, the parallels to my own father’s passing were not lost on me. Even though I only met him for those couple of days, I’m saddened to hear of his passing and send good thoughts to his family who have suffered multiple losses in such a short time. My heart aches for them because I know too well the shock and grief you feel when someone you love is taken from you so suddenly.

(written on 4/26/06 @ 4:00am)

Yes, that is my oogly little dog at the top of my blog again!

Did you miss him?

I sure did.

If you have been reading jozjozjoz since the beginning, then that image should look familiar to you. It’s a funny picture of my dog Chu-Chu, who passed away in January 2003, a few weeks before I decided to start blogging. I’m not sure I ever explained that publicly, but it’s true.

Originally, I thought I was going to write about my dog to get over my grief of losing him. I quickly came to realize that I didn’t feel comfortable blogging about things like that and instead focused on the “insignifica” of my life.

That’s right, insignifica. Do you remember that, too? Before I moved to my own .com, my good friend Mike Doss was kind enough to host me on his site at, unwittingly creating the blogging monster I have now become.

Anyway, that was a little jozjozjoz blog history for you.

Thanks again to The Other Yoshi who has put another blog design for us to try. I’m glad to see my old banner up (originally designed by Gingersmack), but I can already tell that there is some tweaking I’m going to want done to this layout. Is there anything that you want to see? Features missing? (I’m thinking I still want a third column/extra sidebar, along with a bunch of stuff that seems to be missing.)

It’s really clear to me that even though this is my blog, it would never have been able to manage and maintain it without the help of the people above, plus friends like Michael who has helped me through a number of upgrades, server moves and massive housekeeping chores. My sincerest gratitudes for all these people who have helped me over the years out of the kindness of their hearts!

And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without all my friends who visit and read and comment and basically keep it fun for me to keep doing this, thank you, too!

(written on 4/26/06 @ 4:30am)

I could write more about each of these things…

…but probably won’t get to.

-NEW BLOG DESIGN! What a surprise to come home to this after my Sim! Thanks, The Other Yoshi!

-Dinner with TCho on Wednesday night @ Lucques. Loved meeting him! I have a picture I need to get off the camera and to send him too.

-Post-Simulation celebration with my female teammates. There is a picture of us and our giant margaritas of different flavors also on my camera. That won’t get posted here. Was very happy to see that the Stanford Men’s Basketball team won in overtime. If they had lost, I would have been scared to come home to an unhappy Yoshi.

-Watched the UCLA Men’s Basketball team’s exciting win. I was nervous there for a while, but my boys pulled through. I love March Madness, but I’ve had to ignore most of it because of school this year. Trying not to pay too much attention or to get sucked in too much.

-Watched WHEN HARRY MET SALLY on TV last night on a whim. Was so exhausted after the Sim, I crashed out in front of the TV and let my brain rest for hours on end. I had forgotten a lot of that movie, so it was almost like watching the movie for the first time again.

-Guitar Hero at home after the Sim and some today. I still suck, but I’m a little better than I was before.

-Today: Stayed home and vegged out. Slept for several hours in the middle of the day as well. Watched TV and played more Guitar Hero. Waited for a while for call with a client in India but then she emailed and said she wants to reschedule to tomorrow. Doh.

School should always be this fun

It has been a crazy few days.

Outside of work, I have been incredibly busy with school since Wednesday night. Getting through today was another hurdle overcome before I graduate with my MBA in just a few short weeks. I can hardly believe it.

This weekend (Friday from 4pm – 10pm & Saturday 7am – 5pm, no breaks) was our “Strategy Simulation” weekend session. The final class of our MBA program is a Strategic Management class designed to tie together all the elements of running a business. One of my teammates described this simulation project as equivalent to our thesis, which I guess is pretty true. Although we’ve been preparing for this weekend since the beginning of the semester (starting with the picking of our team), we intensified preparations for the weekend in the last two weeks, modeling our strategic plan using some crazy spreadsheets and tools to help us chart our way through the Sim. We had forecast two years worth of data and write an entire strategic plan. This paper was due on Friday, but we were cleaning it up through Thursday.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

I was on the most rockin’ team! This was probably one of the best, most effective, and (most importantly) most fun team I have been on in the entire program! My teammates really made the weekend so much fun. I really made the right choice in taking this particular class and getting into this group.

Since there were 5 of us on the team, we each took primary responsibility for certain roles in the company: CEO + VPs of Finance, R&D/HR, Sales & Marketing, and Production. Even though I was a figurehead CEO, in actuality, we each took multiple roles so that we were all cross-functional and could step in if something happened to one of our teammates. We also did a heck of a lot of preparation in advance of the simulation which helped us. I have to say that our team really had some strong people and we really complimented each other’s skill sets.

We were a strong team throughout the game, but by the end of the game, we were the clear leaders. So it absolutely helped to be winning the game; that’s always a great feeling.

But the real reason this was so much fun was because of my teammates. It started a few weeks ago when we first met to discuss strategy and we got through our work quickly and then all went out to eat together. Team bonding is the best. We got along and didn’t disagree about much, and above all, we were in alignment with each other. As one of the professors said, our team had the “internal feng shui” going on.

So even though we were all running ragged from working all week + having class on Thursday night + starting early on Friday night, we began the Sim by playing music in our classroom and dancing around like crazy fools.

Our team, by the way, was 4 women + 1 guy. And the guy was our DJ (he actually IS a DJ). So to get our spirits and energy up, he provided the soundtrack to the entire weekend.

This morning, we arrived at 7am to our classroom to find that he had hooked his laptop up to the speakers in the classroom and was blasting music to wake us all up. The professors (in the adjacent room) actually asked us to turn it down and to stop having so much fun.

At 7:30am, we all collaborated in creating a “video advertisement” for our company with one teammate filming, two acting, me providing voice-over (which was later cut), and our DJ providing our soundtrack. While we were doing the Sim, our teammates edited the video together and then we sent it out to our class (competitors and professors) in the afternoon. (We thought about putting it on YouTube, but we decided we didn’t want that floating around on the intarweb). Everyone said it was hilarious, but we didn’t even care if they were laughing at us instead of with us. We had so much fun making the video. When we were tired and bored toward the end of the afternoon, we considered making another video, but we thought that might come off as obnoxious since we were winning by a lot at that point.

At some point in the morning, we decided that our theme song was “Dancing Queen” (thanks, ABBA!) and so every time we got our results back and they were awesome, we would scream and dance to this song. Sometimes some of us (not me) would get up and dance on the tables. Sometimes we would create our own strobe lights by flipping the lights on and off while dancing. Once, one of the professors came into our room before we got our results, sat down and and waited for us to start dancing. He said that was one of the highlights of the weekend for him.

He missed it when we began to start choreographing our dance moves later on in the day (instead of just dancing around randomly).

That professor said it best in one of his first meetings with us (when we had already clearly been playing music and having fun)… he told us that he’d been visiting the other teams and there were some groups who were not getting along and arguing with each other, but then when he walked into our room, he could feel that we all were about love. We wanted to do well and learn, but above all we wanted to have good experience and I can say that we absolutely did.

At the ending debrief, the professors kept commenting about how much fun the weekend was, making reference to our team, and saying things like, “It should be illegal for MBA students to be having so much fun during this!!!”

Thanks and congrats to my teammates; we’re all one step closer to graduation now!!!

Let’s help Rodney Kageyama

Rodney KageyamaFor a while it seemed like he was stalking us… or that we were stalking him.

Whenever we would go to Little Tokyo, or if we were at some community event, or once just walking down a random street, there he was: Rodney Kageyama. If we were lucky, we’d catch him on TV or the big screen, too! I can’t say that I know him well, but his visibility at L.A. events was really unmatched. And even though I don’t think he knows my name, he always, always said hi to me, if I just blurted out, “Hi, Rodney!” in his general direction.

You know how it is. There are people who show up only to the “A-List” type of events. And then there are the people like Rodney who is at every event, big or small, showing his unfailing support. A message has been circling through various email lists and I’ve received it a few times from various sources, they all end with “please foward to as many people as possible.” Ok, then.

If we can’t support someone in his time of need, especially someone who has also supported the community so steadfastly over the years, then really, what’s the point of having a community at all?

So here goes the plea that I got from Chris Tashima, co-Artistic Director of Cedar Grove OnStage:

One of my first gigs, back in 1984, was a series of Coke commercials, for Japanese TV. They were shot at a 50s diner in Visalia, CA, and at Magic Mountain. I was an extra, which wasn’t the highest profile, or most challenging work, but it was fun. I got to travel out of town, learn the Japanese lyrics to the “Coke is it!” song, learn choreography, play dress-up (50s), and dream of being broadcast over the airwaves in Japan – and becoming an international star. I never saw the completed spots, until recently: thanks to YouTube, I discovered these long-lost ads, and was finally able to see the fruits of my labor:

Two spots start at 00:30.

Long lost indeed – lost way, way in the background. I think I can spot myself in one shot, way in the blurry distance, for all of maybe 1.5 seconds.

The memories are still fond, though. One very clear memory is meeting renowned character and comedic actor, Rodney Kageyama (at 00:41 in the above video). Not only did this swell guy befriend me on this shoot, he later introduced me to many of the folks at East West Players in Los Angeles, and to many more in the larger Japanese American community in Southern California. He also supported all of my work, designing costumes for my first film project with Visual Communications, and volunteering on crew for both “Visas and Virtue” and “Day of Independence.” In countless many other ways, he has help me continue with the work that I do, and aspire to do. As I think about all that he has done for me, sadly, I can’t say I have done much in return. But, the warmth of his friendship hasn’t ever made me feel like I needed to. Well, now’s my chance to try to give back.

Rodney Kageyama needs our help.

Late last year, Rodney was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a group of cancers that affect the cells that play a role in the immune system. Since his diagnosis, he has been undergoing intense chemotherapy treatments. So far, the results have been hopeful, but his fight against this disease is far from over. This illness has knocked Rodney out of work, and he misses everyone because he hasn’t been able to appear at any community functions or support our community organizations as he has for so many of us over the past 25 years. Rodney has spent a lifetime giving so many of us his time, giving us so much joy and laughter, and has helped us all in so many ways along the way. His greatest gift is his ability to laugh and to make us laugh, sometimes at him, sometimes at ourselves.

Now is the time for us to give something back. This is where everyone can help.

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 so that Rodney can put all his energy into fighting this fight, and not have to worry about rent, food, utilities and hospital bills for the next year. One hundred percent of your contribution will go directly to Rodney, and his fight for his life. For all he’s done for me, and so many others, I ask you to give a gift from your heart.

The $25k is an estimated minimum, to help Rodney for one year. I don’t think it’s much to ask, especially considering how far and wide-reaching his efforts for the community have been. If all who his gift of giving has touched, reached out to give something back, I think this figure would be blown out of the water, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Very fitting, I’d say.

Thank you for your consideration.
And, thanks again, for reading


PS: Please make your check payable to FRIENDS OF RODNEY KAGEYAMA,
and mail to:

Rodney Kageyama
4891 Round Top Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065


Elections in Taiwan. Joz is watching.

Does that sound ominous enough for you?

Just kidding. I just made a post at 8Asians regarding the phenomenon of Taiwanese Americans traveling back to Taiwan to vote in their presidential elections.

In case you have forgotten, my Mom has been in Taiwan since the end of February and will be there through the end of this month. She did have to go back for other reasons, but she is also there to vote.

For kicks, I searched the term “Taiwan” on my own blog and was surprised at all the times I had mentioned it. Most of the references are in passing about one or both of my parents being in/calling from Taiwan.

Here are a couple of posts I had completely forgotten I had written about. Reading them takes me back to a time when my heart wasn’t broken for losing my Dad as well as how frustrated I used to get while dealing with him.

The guilt factor.
This post is interesting because I distinctly remember some of these phone calls I was getting from Dad and I remember writing this post the way I did as a way for me (secretly) remind myself of a specific “fight” I had on the phone with Dad. I am not going to get into the details of this fight, but I recently thought about this fight and was chilled about what we had argued about.

I love my Mom & Dad…. and some Taiwanese political stuff
This is one of the few times I wrote about my parents’ direct involvement in Taiwanese politics. I am still so proud of everything they fought for, everything they stand for, everything they taught me to be proud of.

Sorry I’ve been MIA

Crazy busy!

Time for bed!!!

Back in L.A.

Woke up in SF
Breakfast near hotel

Check out of hotel
Yoshi drives us down to SJ

Visit briefly with Yoshi’s parents
Nap in SJ

Late Afternoon:
Leave for LA. Yoshi does the first 100 miles or so, but I drive the rest of the way

Back in LA
Work on guest list for graduation party
Sleep in own bed. Yay!

I am 6 of 8.

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

I had the bestest time tonight with a bunch of the folks from Aside from Ernie and Efi, John, BrianX, Nicole, and MJ & Jason joined to have shabu shabu in J-Town. After dinner, MJ & Jason invited us over to their place to play Rock Band, so I convinced Yoshi to come join us after dinner to play. When we got there, it turned out Kevin (damn you, Kevin!) had taken the game so there was no Rock Banding to happen. Instead, we watched Hard Boiled and held our own session of MST3K. Unfortunately, Brian & John had to take off early, so they didn’t get to stay very long, but we got this shot on Ernie’s iPhone together before they took off.

6 of 8Asians at MJ & Jason’s - 03-15-2008

Seriously, I had the best time and thanks to Efi for being social director this time, as well for being our chauffeur for the night.

Thanks also to MJ & Jason for having us over and feeding us Girl Scout Cookies. (Sorry about the lottery ticket, yo.)

Yay, San Francisco!

I love this city, I totally do!

I have so many friends here and wish I could come up and visit more often. We used to come up every other month, but since I’ve been in school, it has been a lot harder to plan weekend trips away.

Anyway, since I had dinner last night with my a bunch of my former classmates in L.A. (Geoffrey + his wife, Shaun, Angela, Nicole, Melissa, Ali + Doug, Denise + fiance), we couldn’t leave until this morning. That meant that we had to leave the house by 7am to get up to San Jose by noonish to have lunch with Yoshi’s parents.

The drive up was pretty uneventful and even though I drove, Yoshi kept me company and we talked the whole way up. (I did not speed, that much.) It snowed a little while we were going over the Grapevine, and then it rained a little here and there, but for the most part Mr. Sun was with us for the drive. We did have to make two bathroom breaks, and it wasn’t even my fault one time!

We talked about all kinds of stuff, but while we were on the Pacheco Pass, Yoshi noticed a bunch of cows (longhorns) on the side of the road. “Cows! Longhorns!” said Yoshi! “Scary!” (in reference to how pointy horns were)

“What sound does a scary cow make?” I wondered to myself.

“MOO-GRR!” I blurted outloud with no explanation.

Yoshi burst out laughing.

Just watch. Our next dog is probably going to be black and white and named “Mooger.”

Anyway, Yoshi’s Mom’s friend from Hawaii is visiting San Jose (we had met her before years ago when we all happened to be in Vegas at the same time), but she needed a nap while the rest of us went and grabbed a quick Mexican meal. We brought back a taco (carnitas) for her, which she ate and declared, “Wow, this taco is ono!” So cute! Per Yoshi Mom’s suggestion, when I’m at dinner tonight, I am totally going to declare something to be totally “ono!”

Anyway, while we were there, Yoshi’s cousin P stopped by to drop something off, so it was cool to see him, even for a split second. Then we had to hit the road and drive up to SF. Our goal was to get to the hotel and checked in by 3:15 so Yoshi could watch the Stanford/UCLA Pac-10 Championship game in the room.

We were a little late, but Yoshi didn’t miss that much of the game, but there was some grumpiness going on as the clock ticked past 3:30 as we were getting up to the room.

Right now the score is tied 43-43 and Yoshi is sprawled out across the bed and keeps yelling at the TV.

I’m just trying to keep occupied and out of the way.

So much happening, nothing reflected in the blog.

-I can’t remember that far back.
-Oh wait. Yes, I can. I got a manicure that night at this salon that I first went to TWELVE years ago. Can you believe the owner still remembers me and everything about me? To my credit, I also remembered everything about her and her daughters/family.
-I don’t know what it is about me, but people tell me all kinds of things when I’ve only spent a little bit of time with them. I was shocked when she told me the story of how her brother-in-law had been visiting and had a massive brain hemorrhage and died. Naturally, I told her about my Dad as well, but wow.
-Got home and caught the tail end of a meeting regarding a production of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES that Vox will be putting on, which our good friend Jeni is producing and directing. They almost convinced me to audition for a part, but then realized the date of the performance is on a class night. Whew! I got out of that one!

-Car battery died in the parking structure at work. I discovered it as I was getting in the car to meet my friend Randall Park for dinner, so I had to push back our dinner time. I called AAA who showed up right away but BOO to the parking people at my building for making it a hassle for the AAA guy to get into the parking structure to come jump my car.
-Dinner with Randy was awesome, but I was mentally exhausted from the car ordeal and didn’t make for good company. Sorry, Randy!

-Had an 8am appointment in the morning. Wow, traffic sucks in the morning when you have to take the freeway.
-After work, my teammate from school came over to work on a school assignment. She is totally cool beans.
-As of Wednesday, I am exactly one month away from GRADUATION!!!

-Class tonight was about my favorite topics: executive compensation, corporate governance, greed, and of course, Enron!
-I’m surprised my classmates put up with half the stuff that I say in class. Sometimes I am so damn opinionated, I cringe when I hear myself speak. I just can’t help myself sometimes, though. That said, I think a lot of what I said resonated with my classmates, so maybe it wasn’t all for naught.

-Dinner Friday night with some former business school classmates; most of them already graduated in December. I’m the straggler that’s still not yet done. (But I will be IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!! Did I mention… I’m GRADUATING soon!!!!)
-Will be in San Jose/San Francisco this weekend. Looking forward to seeing Efi, Ernie, John, MJ, Brian, and who knows who else will be there. I generally don’t drink, but I am totally planning on getting bombed with Efi. We both have a lot to drink to.
-Looking forward to the car time with Yoshi, both on the drive up and the drive back down.
-We just saw Yoshi’s parents this past weekend when they came down to visit, but hopefully we’ll get to see one or both of them on this trip, as well.



If breaking a mirror = seven years of bad luck, what happens when you break your Hunny’s Picasso exhibit poster?

I was walking by and knocked the picture over. It fell hard and the corner of the picture frame got me in the leg REALLY hard. I pulled away from the pain and the picture landed on the floor and shattered.

What you can’t see is how one shard of glass “flipped” and embedded itself into the poster. The glass stabbed a hole into the poster! DOH!

Let’s vote about this theme!

Hi everyone, The Other Yoshi here! I’ve come to ask everyone to think about the theme that is currently on here, and to vote if you like it or not. It’s called “The New Yorker” theme. So please everyone, please take a moment to vote! It may or may not be going. I might even end up designing a whole new theme, which would be a recreation of what used to be


Kristina Wong is Pop of the Day!

Kristina Wong, solo performer/writer/actor/educator/activist/filmmaker/kickass girl extraordinaire, is an old college friend of mine (she’s also a good friend of Efren’s, although I’m not exactly certain I know how they know each other) and I absolutely must share this delightful little movie which is featured as today’s Pop of the Day on MSN.

Kristina Wong - Harajuku Girl

See Kristina dressed as a “Harajuku Girl” and all you have to do is go to and click on “March 8, 2008” or Michael Jackson’s face.

It only takes 1 minute to watch, and she’s totally hot in it, if I do say so myself.

For those of us who have been around for a while, we remember Kristina from her “Big Bad Chinese Mama” days. That was the fake mail order bride website that got her a ton of attention back in college. The site caught “all sorts of scary traffic,” says Kristina. “The resulting mess of confused opinions, etc has followed me since.”

Not my fault!

It’s 2:30am and I was just about to take a shower and go join Yoshi in bed.

That is until I flipped the bathroom light switch and the light bulb suddenly flashed brightly before dying a quick lightbulby* death.

Damn! It’s dark in there at night!

I’m not up for taking a shower in a dark, so maybe I can light some candles or something. Now I’ve got to figure out what tall person I can sweet talk into coming over and changing that light bulb for us.

Or I can sweet talk a not-so-tall person (Yoshi) into finding a ladder and changing out the light bulb, too.

Normally, the default choice would be the latter but Yoshi has a lot going on tomorrow. Plus, Yoshi’s been sick all week so I’m just trying to avoid being the pain in the butt I normally am. (In that vein, I even cleaned tonight!!!)

Oh well, I know I’m going to end up buckling and asking Yoshi to change the light because although the tall-person method does eventually work (usually aforementioned tall person is professoreric), it’s not very expedient.

Yoshi already had to fix the hot water handle for the shower today (I was awakened in the morning by Yoshi telling me, “If you want to to take a shower you’re going to have to use pliers.”), so this is a lot of bathroom stuff breaking in two days. Sheesh.

Yoshi’s parents are visiting for the weekend so we’re trying to make this place not look like the disaster area I usually leave it. I didn’t do too poorly in the living room (almost done), but I think my desk is beyond hope.

PS – I came home after work and played Guitar Hero (did I mention we got Guitar Hero?!) for a little while before taking a nap from 8-10pm while Yoshi was out taking care of a few things. I have not been up all day + all night. But sleep soon would probably be a good idea.

*What? It could be a word. Maybe not a real one, but a word nonetheless.

UPDATE: Yay Yoshi! We have light in the bathroom!

Question: Why should companies that want to promote their products send Joz to parties and give her free stuff?

Answer: Joz will come home with the stuff she really loves, and then take pictures of herself kissing their products in bed.* (It sounds naughty, but it’s totally not.)

Joz Loves Her New Pink Nintendo DS - 03-06-2008

That’s right. For going to a party, I came home with a new pink Nintendo DS! (I am going to name her “DSty Rose” as in dusty rose pink. Peeeeeeeeeeeenk! And yes, I am already in love, but to be fair, Yoshi has a black Nintendo DS named “DSten” (Dustin) that I would play with frequently, so it’s not like am just mindlessly playing into the marketing ploys of Nintendo. But if Nintendo wants to believe that the brain washing worked, I’m ok with that too. I guess that just means I’m easy.

My long-time friend Lindsay William-Ross from LAist was the hostess with the mostest last night at a Nintendo/BrandEnthusiast event called “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming.” Lindsay was kind enough to include me on the guest list which included a bunch of kickass girls (lots from LAist) I’ve been wanting to meet for some time (years!)… like the beautiful Jayfader and Siel (GreenLAGirl). (Picture of the 3 of us coming soon!)

It’s actually hard for me to get out to events in the city during weeknights, not just because of traffic, but also because of parking. I didn’t have to worry last night because the hosts provided complimentary valet service. SCORE!

The event was held in a converted photo studio off of LaBrea and Melrose and I was greeted by the warm smiles and hugs of Lindsay… and a table full of food, snacks, candy, drinks, and wine!

Throughout the room, there were Nintendo “hostesses” who were dressed in cute little black dresses with little satchels tied around their waists. It turned out these satchels held some fun goodies for us.

So after coming in and having a little bite to eat, one hostess gave every guest a heavy gold charm bracelet to wear. There were four (themed) seating areas which were like modern little living rooms with modern-type couches, a coffee table and some chairs. On each table they had like 4-6 DSs sitting around and at each one there was a hostess who helped you play a certain Nintendo DS game. So I played Brain Age 2, Mario Kart, Nintendogs and Planet Puzzle League (totally addicting). (Believe it or not, even though we already have a DS in our house, I had never played any of those games, with the exception of some Nintendogs a long time ago.) After you were done playing the game (usually 15 min), the hostess would add a charm for your bracelet (from aforementioned satchel) and when you got all 4 charms you got a Nintendo DS of your own (black or pink) to take with you!!!

And, as we walked out of the door, thinking they were done giving us things, another hostess stopped us to hand us copies of Brain Age 2! Woot!

I had the greatest time and going to a party where I could simultaneously be social and anti-social and where I didn’t get yelled at for being rude by playing with my electronicals in public. (Hmm, didn’t mean for that to sound so dirty…)

THANKS AGAIN FOR INCLUDING ME, LINDSAY! And thanks to everyone who put it all together for making the night so much fun for me!

*If I do go to any parties or get any free stuff, I don’t promise kisses, getting in bed with anyone/anything, or any bedroom pictures. Basically, I make no promises… not even to go to any parties or to take any stuff!

El Wonko!

Did you notice!?

Thanks to The Other Yoshi, I have a brand new look at!!!

THANKS, Other Yoshi!!!!

It might be temporary, though.

On the other hand, I might say it’s temporary and I won’t bother to change it for years (like the last template).

What do you think?

I like that it is different, but there’s a lot about the template I DON’T like now that it’s implemented. I dunno. What do you think?!?!?

Sorry if there is any wonkiness. I probably won’t bother to have it fixed unless I decide to hang on to this template for a while.

Two quick stories.

It’s 5am and I am supposed to be done with my paper that is due at 6pm tonight. Let’s just say that I’m not done yet, but if I really focus, I should be able to complete it before I have to leave for work 7:45 today.

So clearly I shouldn’t be blogging.

But then again, I should have gotten more than an hour and a half of sleep last night, too. Since when do I pay attention to what I should or shouldn’t do, anyway?! (To be fair, I woke up on my own and couldn’t go back to sleep even though I allowed myself a longer nap than that.)

Oh well. I promised two quick stories.

STORY #1 (This story is for my personality twin Meeta, who probably has 10 similiar stories she could share)

This happened on Tuesday afternoon, around lunchtime.

Despite having packed leftover Thai food for lunch for Tuesday, I was my usual dorky self and left my lunch at home by the front door instead of taking it with me. (I blame it on being late to my doctor’s appointment, which was also my fault.)

Anyway, by lunchtime, I wasn’t that hungry but I was regretting not having anything to put in my mouth. I hadn’t planned on taking lunch, so I just wanted to go get something quick and come right back. I figured my best chance of not getting into any trouble was to jump in the car, find the nearest drive-thru, grab some grub, and get back to my work ASAP.

The nearest drive-thru I could find was a Jack in the Crack and so I turned into the (tiny) driveway and was met by a line of cars that wrapped around into the (tiny) parking lot. As I looked in my mirror to see if I could back up and make an escape, a car pulled in behind me and I was trapped. The parking lot was so small, there was really room for one lane of cars, so all the people parking in the lot were now trapped, too.

“Oh well, hopefully the line moves quickly,” I thought to myself.

At that moment, this tall, slender man wearing sunglasses and a business casual outfit walked out of the restaurant. He was heading toward the parking lot (which I was now effectively blocking completely) and then he walked toward my car and motioned for me to roll down my window. I assumed he was going to tell me which car was his so I could move out of the way a little.

Instead, he asked for my number.


I’ll admit, the guy was kind of cute, but I did not expect him to ask for my number.

“Sorry,” I sputtered. “I’m married.” (So it’s not technically true, but it might as well be and really, isn’t that the most compassionate lie I could have told him?)

“Oh,” he replied. He was going to say something else, but I cut him off. “Thanks for asking though, that’s quite flattering, but sorry…”

“It’s ok,” he smiled at me. “You’re blocking me in, by the way.”

I looked over at the direction of his car and I played innocent, “Oh? Sorry about that! I’ll get out of the way as soon as the cars ahead of me move.” And then the gods finally shined some luck down on me and the cars started moving. I started rolling up my window and he said, “Bye. See you around.”

“No, I won’t!” I thought, as I pretended to focus on driving my car forward 5 feet. I saw him pull out of his spot and try to squeeze his car past mine. As he passed me, he waved at me again and I just kind of nodded at him and looked away.

At least he wasn’t a creep and he was generally nice about it all, but when I told Yoshi about it and how I ABSOLUTELY WAS MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS and not trying to attract any kind of attention to myself, Yoshi just kind of laughed at me… because strangers are constantly coming up and talking to me (usually not hitting on me), and I am always swearing that I didn’t do anything to egg it on.

The joke is that I’m somehow “receptive” to strangers, but many people have witnessed this happening and I REALLY AM NOT BEHAVING AS IF I ENJOY TALKING TO STRANGERS.

The consensus is that I’m just a “freak magnet.” And I since I can’t explain it, I can’t really dispute it.

Lesson learned: No more fast food. (Do you remember the time I went through the drive-thru at Taco Bell?!)

I could tell a much more colorful story about my dinner with EB and how we walked down to the local pizza joint last night and ordered a giant 18″ pizza and how we are plotting our next weekend trip + my graduation party, etc.

But instead I’m going to gyp you on the second story and give you a condensed version so I can get back to my paper.

The upshot: I walked out of my house without my keys and we found ourselves locked out. (Ok, technically, *I* locked us both out, but it sounded better the other way.)

By the time we got back to my house after dinner, EB had most of a giant 18″ pizza in one arm, a bag of candy and other stuff from Rite-Aid in the other arm, and I was sitting on the steps by the front door, desperately emptying out my purse in search of my keys.

Lucky for us, Yoshi happened to come home moments after I began purging the contents of my purse on to the doorstep. EB hollered out to Yoshi to come help us and open the door and Yoshi took one look at us and said, “Y’all are out of luck. I’m going in through the backdoor.”

Yoshi did not realize I really didn’t have my keys since it would have been a good assumption that we would have had to drive to go out to dinner. (We DO live in LA, after all…)

“How is it possible that you lost your keys between the car and the front door?” asked Yoshi.

“We didn’t drive!!! We walked!!!” I whined.

Then EB started in on me because before we left the house I had convinced him that the pizza joint was only two blocks away, when it was really 2 blocks one way + almost 3 really, really long blocks the other way. “See? If we had driven instead of walking that whole long way, we would not have this problem,” he pointed out.

Great. As if having Yoshi to tease me wasn’t enough. Now I’ve got EB and his giant pizza giving me grief, too. And he threatened to punish me by eating the candy he’d bought for me at Rite-Aid. (I pointed out to him that he’s allergic to some of it.)

Finally Yoshi relented and walked toward us to open the front door (and so I could put everything back inside my purse again).

And yes, my keys were sitting right by the front door.

Where I had left my Thai food the day before.

Perfect, no?



What a day.

What happened?

Where did it go?

I dunno.

Need sleep.

EB and I have an errand to run in the morning, so it’s time for sleep.

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