Near exhaustion.

Why do I do this to myself?

It’s almost midnight and I still have so much to do. Yikes.

I swear I don’t know what day it is, either.

Um… let’s see…

Yesterday (Tuesday, 2/26):
-Returned to work after being on real and mental vacation since the previous Wednesday night.
-Tired and jetlagged
-Got called by Bossdude around 1pm to join him at a client meeting in the afternoon
-Client meeting in afternoon
-Returned to office after client meeting
-Team event (with Bossdude & more) in the office. (Did I mention that the office is tres small, especially for 9 people). Food, drinks + screening of HELVETICA. Did not know a movie about a typeface would be so utterly intriguing to me. But then again, I have always been a typography (font) nerd, so it does kind of figure.
-Home late
+Bonus: My car got broken into. The window got bashed in but nothing was taken. Afraid to drive the car out in public

Today (Wednesday, 2/27):
-Woke up early to call and see if I could get glass people to fix my car window today. The answer is NO! My car had factory-tinted windows, therefore the glass has to be ordered from the dealer. More $$$ and more time. Oh and my deductible is like $500, so I’m out some $$$ out of pocket to fix the glass. Still grateful that nothing was taken, that the body of the car wasn’t damaged and that they didn’t take the entire car.
-Worked from home since I had to keep an eye on the car. Busy, busy, busy! Meetings (conference calls) all day and I had an assignment that I couldn’t finish tonight so I will have to pound it out in the morning.
-Dinner with Yoshi, C & J at La Serenata di Garibaldi in Santa Monica. I ate way too much. But we did get some eye candy by way of a Mark Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris!) sighting at the restaurant. He is HOT! (But I think he could have used a haircut… I like him better when he’s clean cut)
-EB came over after dinner. I convinced him to hang with us instead of taking a crazy trip to NY or Vegas or something. He also provided me with the cable to sync my iPhone (finally), which is what I’ve been doing since I got home.
-Did you know it takes FOREVER for Outlook to sync 6500+ contacts into my iPhone? Imagine that! Man, my rolodex needs some major clean up work.

Still to do:
-Blog about amazing Washington trip: Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
-Renew passport (seriously need to do this or else I might not be able to travel this summer)
-Do reading for class tomorrow (Thursday)
-Begin working on paper due next week (Thursday)
-Work, work, work

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