A Lovesong for Anna

I flew into LAX the other night (2/25) around 11pm from Dulles and when I climbed into my car to drive home after a long day of travel, my station was tuned to Lovesongs on the Coast on 103.5 KOST.

I can be such a cynic and usually think that the show and the love dedications are completely saccharine and the songs totally cheesy, but I was too weary to change the station.

Sometime shortly before midnight, a gal named Anna called into Karen Sharp, asking if she could play the ultimate cheesy love song: “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. I lifted my arm to switch the station.

But Karen asked Anna who the song was to be dedicated to and a flood of emotion came tumbling out of Anna, who had obviously been holding it in while making the request. “My fiance Jason,” she said. “He died last week.” Jason had an aneurysm and though the song didn’t have any particular significance, she said that it felt appropriate because she wanted him to know that she would be ok without him. Karen asked what her favorite memory of him was and Anna said, “Probably a road trip we took together to San Francisco. It was the best week of my life.”

Sometimes I wonder if anyone still calls in to dedicate songs to others and yes, they do.

And sometimes a dedication will reach through and touch others who are listening, as well.

I send my best to Anna, who is somewhere out in this crazy city of LA. May your memories of Jason bring you comfort in this time of mourning.

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7 Responses to “A Lovesong for Anna”

  • Wow that’s pretty moving. I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated a song to anyone, only because all my friends who dedicated songs to people on the radio eventually broke up. So I saw it as a curse to do such a thing.

    The romantic in me is glad that people still dedicate songs on the radio.

  • I’ve dedicated songs to my wife a few times but she always manages to miss them.

    We have a show called Delila (sic) that is the heartbreak-sad story (my boyfriend got run over by a train and his mother died of heartbreak and my dog jumped off the cliff almost country song type stories) and dedication show. The show makes you want to run your car into a tree… repeatedly.

  • Wow. I recently met a woman whose fiance died of a brain aneurysm. It just tears your heart right out of your body. She’s healing, as people do, but the road is long and unbelievably rough.

  • that’s heart wrenching. may anna’s road to healing be smooth and swift.

  • I’m actually feeling bummed now. Gonna go tell my wife that I love her.

  • Just thinking the same thing Deltus.. I’ve got a lump in my throat that won’t go away until I get to hug Kevin and tell him I love him. I hope that Anna’s heart will go on and that her dedication has caused a ripple to reach all the way to Ohio.

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