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Written somewhere over Nebraska

2/25/2008 11:14pm ET

I feel like my eyeballs are going to plop out in front of me!

I forgot to bring my contact case with me so I couldn’t take my contacts off and put my glasses on instead. My eyes are so tired!

I took a little nap already but I got hot and thirsty so I did my favorite thing and used the on screen ordering system to get myself some Ginger ale and water. I know, I know… I’m usually all about the Diet Cokes but I still have a bit of flight left and don’t want the caffeine to kick in too soon.

This is has been the best trip and I’m sad I have to go back to “real life” (work) tomorrow but it was really good that the Bossdude let me take time off so soon after I started. I really needed this trip.

DC has always been a special place to me. For me, it has always been a place that helps me re-assess my life and transition. I can’t explain why this is but every time I have been faced with major transitons, being in DC has helped me clear my mind and focus on a new chapter of my life.

I knew 2008 would be a transition year for me… with the end of my MBA program looming and this new job as two major changes, I felt this trip allowed me to spend time with some people I truly love and to talk about some of the things on my mind.

I re-connected with old friends, met a few new ones, and got to know a few others better on this trip. The other thing that happened was that I was able to look back and really appreciate all that has happened in the 8 years since I lived in DC. I have grown so much and lived so much since then and am so grateful for the wonderful life I’ve been blessed with and also for the awesome people in my life now.

Anyway, before I get too sentimental, I just wanted to put these thoughts down while they are floating around in my head. Pecking this out on my iPhone is not helping with my tired eyes problem and we just hit some turbulence so Ill wrap this up for now.

One more fun tidbit… After landing tonight I’ll be going directly to OC instead of going home. I’ll be working out of the OC office so I’m trying to reduce my commute time tomorrow morning by getting down there tonight. Glad I packed extra clothes and that I have a place to stay down there. Too bad I won’t see Mom while I’m there… We are both in the air right now… She is on her way back to Taiwan as I return to LA. More on that another time.

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UPDATE: Did not end up going to OC, so will be in LA. Whew!

Blogging via iPhone

I’m going to try to identify when I am blogging via iPhone so that it’s obvious why I have typos or just plain weirdness going on with my spelling and punctuation.

I had the b*

*Safari died on me so that ended that train of thought.

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