Written on Friday morning somewhere above Oklahoma

Ugh! Feeling nauseated and this is the best flight I’ve been on in a long time! I am absolutely thrilled by my first experience on Virgin America and I can’t wait to book my next trip on this airline!

So I literally ordered a couple of drinks from the screen in front of me and the stewardess (I don’t care if it isn’t PC to call them that these days) brought them to me in just a couple of minutes! Of course I am having some sort of allergic fit and she saw me SNEEZE all over my iphone (how embarrassing!) but then I 1had water and Ginger ale to take my pills with!

The flight from LA to DC was barely filled… Almost every person on the flight has their own row to themselves! I have been laying across my row of three comfy leather seats with my headphones plugged in and have been listening to a playlist of miscellaneous dance and 80’s music I put together during takeoff. The on-board entertainment system is equipped with some cool stuff like live tv and games and on board chat. Internet isn’t working yet but that’s coming soon. The games are a little sucky and the handset for typing is a little tough to use but there’s still plenty to keep you entertained. I’d say.

Oh yeah, another thing I like about these planes is that they have power, USB, and rj45 plugs between each seat so you can charge or use your electronical doodads during your flight.

Maybe someday I will fly first class and sit on one the massage chairs! But that might spoil me beyond belief!

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6 Responses to “Written on Friday morning somewhere above Oklahoma”

  • Wow, I think the next time i fly, we’ll have to fly virgin america!

  • The first class chairs aren’t as comfortable as they look but you do have a little more space and the movies are free so there’s that. And if you like fancy food, you get better fare than the business class. Though, as pretty as the box of sushi was, it was still sushi so I didn’t touch it. My first experience with VA was nothing to write home about as the flight from SF to L.A. was delayed by 3 hours and they never explained why exactly this occurred. When I flew the red eye to DC it was packed and on the aisle in front of me was a very cute, very unhappy baby who cried all night long. On the way back to L.A. from DC a gentleman had some sort of stroke and there was talk of landing at the nearest airport midway to get him help. It was a pretty busy flight. :D

    Bottom line, I’ll use them again because it’s cheaper than anything else but I won’t plan on the flights being very restful.

    Glad that your experience is proving to be much better.

  • now i wish i HAD gone with you! miss you, boots!

  • You mean that wasn’t first class? Yeah, us grunts have to live with crowded planes, no means, a three peanuts. :)

  • Planes is just getting more and more advanced all the time. I’ll still get stuck on the useless puddle jumpers, though.

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