Daily Archive for February 22nd, 2008

Written on Friday night (Saturday morning?) somewhere in Fairfax County

What a day!

I landed bright and early at Dulles, which I think was the first time I ever flew into that airport. I heard that shortly after my flight landed, many flights were canceled due to inclement weather (sleet, icy conditions). In fact, while in the shuttle to my friend’s home, we were listening to the school closure announcements on the radio.

I’m staying with my good friend Jan, who I haven’t seen in literally 5 years… the last time I was in DC (around the time I started blogging, I think). I couldn’t believe how great it was to be in the same room, instead of exchanging an email, card, or phone call with her.

My flight landed before 6am Eastern time, which would have been 3am my time, but I was wide awake by the time I got to Jan’s place, which was sometime after 7. I wanted to nap since I only slept about an hour on the plane the night before.

I did end up laying down for a few hours and woke up and took a much needed shower around noon.

I spent the entire day with Jan, who was busy working and taking a zillion calls (somethings never change) and also doing a few things on the computer. We spent the afternoon working on a side project together and by the time dinner time rolled around, we were starving. (All I’d had to eat all day was an orange!)

During the day I spoke to two of my friends. I was supposed to get together with one this afternoon in the city, but I decided not to go in since the weather was so terrible today. The other one (I haven’t seen her in 10+ years) is in Falls Church and we were trying to do dinner or drinks, but I was so distracted with Jan today, the day got away from me. Now I’m afraid I won’t see either of them on this trip and I say “phooey” to my suckage.

Anyway, for dinner, we ended up at Anthony’s Restaurant in Falls Church. It wasn’t fancy, but the portions were large, the restaurant was warm and we were able to have a long conversation and catch up on all we had missed in each other’s lives in the last 5 years.

We came home, took her little dog on a walk around the neighborhood (COLD!) and we talked some more until Jan couldn’t keep her eyes open anyway.

Needless to say, we’re still catching up.

I’m getting tired, but I decided to play with my iPhone for a bit and to take a few pictures for Yoshi. Here’s one I thought was funny…

Joz is shocked by something on the iphone

This one was for The Other Yoshi, just to make him laugh. I call it “No paparazzi, please…” but I also sent it to Yoshi, who also liked it. Hee! There’s nothing like getting complimented on photos you take of yourself with a crappy phone cam right before you are going to go to bed.

No paparazzi, please...

Yes, I am wearing my cloudy PJs already. I’m ready for bed soon.

Written on Friday morning somewhere above Oklahoma

Ugh! Feeling nauseated and this is the best flight I’ve been on in a long time! I am absolutely thrilled by my first experience on Virgin America and I can’t wait to book my next trip on this airline!

So I literally ordered a couple of drinks from the screen in front of me and the stewardess (I don’t care if it isn’t PC to call them that these days) brought them to me in just a couple of minutes! Of course I am having some sort of allergic fit and she saw me SNEEZE all over my iphone (how embarrassing!) but then I 1had water and Ginger ale to take my pills with!

The flight from LA to DC was barely filled… Almost every person on the flight has their own row to themselves! I have been laying across my row of three comfy leather seats with my headphones plugged in and have been listening to a playlist of miscellaneous dance and 80’s music I put together during takeoff. The on-board entertainment system is equipped with some cool stuff like live tv and games and on board chat. Internet isn’t working yet but that’s coming soon. The games are a little sucky and the handset for typing is a little tough to use but there’s still plenty to keep you entertained. I’d say.

Oh yeah, another thing I like about these planes is that they have power, USB, and rj45 plugs between each seat so you can charge or use your electronical doodads during your flight.

Maybe someday I will fly first class and sit on one the massage chairs! But that might spoil me beyond belief!

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