Daily Archive for February 20th, 2008

Busy, busy Joz

Sorry I missed blogging yesterday.

Group paper due tomorrow and I finished it tonight. It was actually due last week but the Prof was supposed to give us feedback on our paper and didn’t get it to us until past the original deadline, so she gave us an extension. Lucky me, I was the one who had to write more and put it all together. Well, I volunteered for the “put it all together” part, so that’s my own bad.

Anyway, getting busy at work. Learning lots still.

Also cramming because I am going to Washington DC tomorrow night on a red-eye. My Thursday will go like this:

-Wake up, shower, etc
-Get stuff out of dryer & finish packing
-Go to work early and get on 8:30am conference call
-Full day of work
-Cram reading for class
-Go to class, turn in paper
-Take quiz at beginning of class
-Leave class at break
-Catch cab to LAX
-Get on flight


Glad I typed that out because I just realized I neglected to prepare something for my trip. Yeesh.

Will be in DC visiting friends over the weekend and then will get back to LA Monday night.

While I’m there, I am going to attempt to complete writing a paper for school due next Thursday. Bleh.

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