Daily Archive for February 16th, 2008

Reason #129057897412043981 I love my Yoshi

I’ve had the worst headache for the last two or three days now.

Sleep hasn’t helped it.

Excedrin just dampens it a bit.

Booze helped a little, but it was only temporary.

Anyway, it has been almost debilitating today and I’ve been complaining about my head ever since Yoshi tried to get me out of bed this morning.

I was greeted this morning with some kisses, a glass of water and 3 Excedrin! Thanks, Hunny!

After that, I felt like I could get up and take a shower and get dressed, so I did, but my head continued to pound like crazy.

Then Yoshi made me breakfast, which I ate hours later because I was afraid I was going to be sick if I ate it. But I did end up eating it and my tummy was happy because I wasn’t neglecting it anymore.

Just now Yoshi brought me over a warm blanket from the dryer and put it on my head with a kiss. And I swear, it was like the headache was (mostly) lifted away.

I love you, Hunny!

PS – Did I mention that Yoshi did all the laundry today, too? To be fair, Yoshi usually does the laundry, but I still appreciate it!

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