Daily Archive for February 15th, 2008

Friday nights in Hollywood are crazy.

And I left before it really got crazy.

After work today, a bunch of us from work met up at Citizen Smith in Hollywood for dinner.

Twas nice to meet some of the people I’d only known via email and also to hang out with Bossdude, who I barely talked to all week.

At the next table was Omar Epps (from House and Higher Learning), who, by the way, is really hot.

Also at that same table was a crazy screaming drunk girl.

I ducked out early (11pm) to get home to Yoshi but I missed my window. Yoshi was already in bed asleep. I’m joining shortly.

Thanks to The Other Yoshi who upgraded my WordPress and did some other cool funky stuff while I was eating junk food and having drinks. You rock!

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