Daily Archive for February 12th, 2008

Yoshis are the bestests

So everyone knows how awesome my yoshi is, but there is another yoshi out there who rocks my world: the other yoshi

Everywhere else, the other yoshi is known just as “yoshi” but just for me at jozjozjoz.com, he is “the other yoshi”

You can find the other yoshi at his blog at haroyoshi.com

Oh, back to the point of this post (which was NOT to see how many times I could use the word “yoshi” in one post)…

Today, the other yoshi fixed a long-standing thing on my blogfix wishlist!

Find a way to import the “Lost blog archives from January 2003 through mid-August 2003.”

Using an old MT (Movable Type backup), the other yoshi was able to import almost 8 months worth of missing entries to my current WordPress blog. Yay! Now my blog is all “living” in one place!

Thanks, the other yoshi!

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