Daily Archive for February 11th, 2008

I’m (temporarily) deaf. But I think I’m (permanently) old.

(The text below may seem disjointed because it came from some IMs I just exchanged with Bossdude.)

I just got home from the Mika concert at the Wiltern. Since Yoshi refused to go with me, I convinced our friend LS to come with. Yoshi did play chauffeur, though (thanks, Hunny!)

I felt old. The place was filled with 13 year old girls in skimpy outfits. And then there were a whole bunch of gay guys. Weird crowd.

But fun fun show.

We had “floor” tickets which are like right up front and general admission (no seats! Scary!)

And we were about to go inside and these two little girls were like, “Does anyone want to sit?”

And me and my friend were like, “SEATS!?? WE’RE WE WANT SEATS!”

And the girls were sooo happy!

They were like “OMG! OMG! Really? OMG!”

So cute!

Then we got up to the seats and there were already 3 people sitting there. And this guy was sitting there with two littler boys and he goes “So my daughter convinced you to trade tickets, huh?”

I was like “Yeah.” (pointing at the screaming craziness that was the floor)

“I’m old now and all that down there does not look like fun to me anymore.”

Yes, I’m old now.

Well, I’m not 13 anymore, anyway. That’s for damn sure. I also don’t dress like a 13 year old it seems.

There were some really inappropriate outfits there tonight

I was like “Really? Who let you out the door wearing that?”

And since I’m old, I officially have to go to bed now

I can’t stay up late after doing stuff like this

Glad the concert was close by (at the Wiltern) and not some place gawdawfully far like Glen Helen Pavilion!

Thanks again to LS for going with me and to Yoshi for driving us & picking us up!

And thanks to Mika and the band for putting on such a great show!

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