I should be mad, but I’m not.

I had a long and exhausting day yesterday and since I had been up since 5am, I was pooped.

Yoshi and I went to bed a little after 9pm… so early! I was in the middle of deep slumber when my phone started ringing loudly; the ringtone set to one of the most obnoxious ones I have.

It 12:30am and my friend EB was texting me: Let’s go out! Want to drive to Mexico?

Mexico? WTF?!?!

I was planning on just ignoring him but that ringtone really startled me and though I was still tired, my heart was beating quickly and I had to get out of bed.

I ended up calling him back to ask him what he was up to but that since I have to work tomorrow, Mexico wasn’t an option. (Yes, it was a real offer, not a “Ha ha! Let’s talk about going to Mexico but not really go” sort of thing. He means it when he says stuff like “Let’s fly to ____ RIGHT NOW!!!!”) He threw out the idea of going to a casino together, but I told him that I wasn’t planning on gambling so I’d go just to watch him play. And he’s like “That’s boring for you. Besides I might play for like 24 hours straight and then that would be really dull for you.” So we decided not to get together tonight and maybe meet up for a movie tomorrow night after I’m done with work.

Normally, a 12:30am text message from him would not bother me… he’s one of those friends who can call (literally) anytime night or day. And there was no way for him to know that I was actually sleeping when he texted me. But it’s now 4:30 and I have watched TV, chatted online, had a snack, and learned that I have no idea how to use my new cell phone, and I’m still not sleeping.

I’m going to get back into bed with Yoshi now and hope that I can get some shuteye before I have to get to work tomorrow.

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7 Responses to “I should be mad, but I’m not.”

  • I’ve never even thought of flying to another country on a whim. At most, I’ll do a 2 hour drive on a whim.

  • normally, anyone who calls me in the middle of the night would be greeted with the “no one i know calls me at this time of the night.” but yeah i have a few friends that can call anytime.

    I was wondering if you were really up and at em when i saw you online last night. :P

    Yoshi must a be a really deep sleeper like me. could go with the name. :D

  • I have friends who do that to me too. THey’re usually met with a grumpy hello? and what do you want??!! And then they realize oh crap you actual are trying to sleep for once. :)

  • earplugs, the other yoshi. earplugs.

  • I don’t know how you survive on so little sleep! I wouldn’t even be able to think about going to work after all that. But i guess i’d kinda have to do it anyway, and just be useless that next day :)

  • i usually turn off my phone, but if somebody texted me like that in the middle of the night, i would yell at them… :)

  • Oh, that really stinks! I hope you slept better last night, and caught up a little bit! I keep my phone around for emergencies, but I have made it clear to everyone that they are only to call me after 10:00 if there really, truly *is* an emergency.

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