Daily Archive for February 5th, 2008

Maybe I should stop blogging.

My posts have been so boring lately.

-Tried a new route to work today; seemed faster but in actuality it still took 45 minutes to drive 10 miles.

-Work: settling in. I had phone issues today, which began with me leaving my cell phone at home and having to figure out how to use the office phone (which was not set up for me)

-Leaving work: Been at this office for over a week and today I got confronted by a parking attendant who insisted I pay $15 for parking. I told him I was new and didn’t have a key card or validation and he kept asking me for money. I had to sweet talk him into lifting the gate so I could leave without paying. I did it, but it’s only gonna work once.

-Home: Wasn’t planning to go home but since my cell phone was there, I stopped by. The good news is that I got to see Yoshi when I wasn’t expecting to, so that was nice. I got distracted at home because I had some problems I had to take care of.

LAist Super Tuesday party at Seven Grand: Was supposed to stop by right after work, but instead I got waylaid and didn’t get down there until almost 10:30. Lucky for me, my buddy Edward Padgett was still there, who I finally got to meet for the first time in person. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him online and over the phone so it was nice to finally meet him in person. Also ran into my good friend Jeff Koga/Koganuts for a split second. Said hi to LAist Editor Zach Behrens, and wished a happy birthday to Andy Sternberg of LAist, too. Said hi/bye to Andrew Warner. Also met Jeff of Thrillist and some guy named Greg. Considering I was there for a grand total of 15 minutes, I really got a lot of bang for my buck.

-Drive back to OC: After the quick stop at Seven Grand, I had to hit the road again and drive to OC since I’m working out of the OC office tomorrow. Thanks to Dave for keeping me company on the phone on the drive back and letting me rant about today’s primarys.

-The primary: I voted absentee over the weekend. I won’t say who I cast my vote for because I don’t think it matters (in terms of people knowing who I did/didn’t vote for). And I don’t think it’s necessary to be divisive right now. What’s important is that come November, I will vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who he/she may be.

-Obnoxiousness: If my blog here is boring, you can blame 8Asians for stealing my creative mojo. Made two posts there today.

The first is The Brain Age Guy: If you want money, go out and earn it. The post itself is not all that great, but Ernie spiffed it up for me with the awesomest graphic and caption. I laugh every time I see it.

The second post is If Obama loses California, you can point your finger at the Asians (and Latinos). Nice headline, right? No one could possibly get upset at that…

-Glad to be home: That is back at the house in OC. I shouldn’t have eaten the freshly made potstickers when I walked through the door (11:45pm), but if that’s not comfort food, I don’t know what is.

-Time for sleep. I hope my Mom gets off the phone and stops calling Taiwan. It’s late!

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