Too tired to think up something inappropriate

Since I’m in Vegas, and since “inappropriate” seems to be the theme of the weekend, it seems only appropriate that I attempt to be inappropriate here. Too bad I’m too tired to come up with anything really inappropriate.

Did that confuse you? Gawd, I hope so!

Vegas has been a great trip so far. Food, friend, and f’in paperwork! The food and friend was good, though!

Anyway… wat’s this “inappropriate” business, you ask?

It started Friday night when I made an innocuous post on about a rally on Superbowl Sunday at UCLA that features Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Caroline Kennedy as the big names. The post itself was fine, but I had to go and entitle the post “The Estrogen Brigade* comes out for Barack.” I wasn’t trying to be funny… it just really seemed to capture what I was feeling when I heard about the event. Anyway, I guess some people didn’t think it was funny and let that be known. Heh. I think the whole thing is even funnier now that people are upset by my tongue-in-cheek title. The comments of that post are most definitely more interesting than the content of the original blog post.

Then tonight, since I seem to enjoy alienating readers, I felt like I should go and make a possibly-inappropriate post at the other blog I contribute to, 8Asians.

I figure I can’t go wrong with a post entitled: “Sometimes Asians just need to tell a good dog-eating story.”

Wait… wait!

I have my inappropriate comment: Yum, puppies!

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