Daily Archive for February 3rd, 2008

Yay, home!

It only took me 7+ hours to get from Vegas to LA today.

And the sad thing is that I flew. I bet I could have driven back faster considering the time I left to go to the airport.

My plan was to fly during the Super Bowl and avoid the craziness that is Sunday Nights at McCarran Airport. So much for that plan.

In hindsight, I could have totally gone to a Super Bowl party, watched ’til the end and still made it to catch my flight in time.

Thanks to Yoshi for coming to pick me up at the airport so late. I could have totally cabbed it home, so I really appreciate it.

As soon I as walked through the door, I took off all my grubby clothes, put on a big fluffy robe and slipped my feet into my smooshy slippers.

Now time for a quick shower and off to bed.


This is why I hate flying in/out of Vegas.

It is 7:30pm and I have officially been at the airport for 4.5 hours now.

I had a bad feeling this was going to happen when the wind was blowing like crazy this morning.

Anyway, all the flights out of Vegas have been delayed, but lucky me, my flight was flight was actually canceled.

This means I’m on “priority standby” for the next flight out, which is also delayed.

I’m hoping I can get out of here tonight.

This sucks.

Too tired to think up something inappropriate

Since I’m in Vegas, and since “inappropriate” seems to be the theme of the weekend, it seems only appropriate that I attempt to be inappropriate here. Too bad I’m too tired to come up with anything really inappropriate.

Did that confuse you? Gawd, I hope so!

Vegas has been a great trip so far. Food, friend, and f’in paperwork! The food and friend was good, though!

Anyway… wat’s this “inappropriate” business, you ask?

It started Friday night when I made an innocuous post on blogging.la about a rally on Superbowl Sunday at UCLA that features Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Caroline Kennedy as the big names. The post itself was fine, but I had to go and entitle the post “The Estrogen Brigade* comes out for Barack.” I wasn’t trying to be funny… it just really seemed to capture what I was feeling when I heard about the event. Anyway, I guess some people didn’t think it was funny and let that be known. Heh. I think the whole thing is even funnier now that people are upset by my tongue-in-cheek title. The comments of that post are most definitely more interesting than the content of the original blog post.

Then tonight, since I seem to enjoy alienating readers, I felt like I should go and make a possibly-inappropriate post at the other blog I contribute to, 8Asians.

I figure I can’t go wrong with a post entitled: “Sometimes Asians just need to tell a good dog-eating story.”

Wait… wait!

I have my inappropriate comment: Yum, puppies!

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