Daily Archive for January 29th, 2008

I survived Day 2 at the new gig and didn’t get fired.

Hooray for the little things, eh?

Last night I got hit with a horrible migraine. It actually started in the afternoon of my first day at the new gig, but I held it together pretty well until I asked Bossdude (pay attention: this is not the same person as BossMan or Bossguy, this is my newest boss: Bossdude!) if he had aspirin over dinner.

I made it home just in time to get sick, show off my new laptop to my Bro, and then promptly pass out in bed at the late hour of 8:30pm. I did not wake up until 10 hours later: 6:30am when Bro was leaving for work and he made sure I got up to get ready for work. My Bro rules!

It was really bad that I slept for 10 hours, not just because I wasn’t feeling well. Mostly, I was expecting to get 5 hours of (school) work done and instead, I got none done. Bad.

I wasn’t feeling too great after getting home (well, my OC home) from work today either, so I had to take a nap before having dinner. My Mom is the bestest and made the yummiest food while I was in OC. I wish I had more of an appetite, though. I also had to apologize for treating her place like a hotel the last couple of nights. I basically just came home, ate, slept, and had maid service. Not cool of me.

I also had to drive back to LA to get back to my real home (with Yoshi) tonight.

Anyway, I am going to be up for a bit tonight and then I’m going to get up early so I can get to my 7:30am doctor’s appointment before work tomorrow.

Whew! This is a nutso week!

Sorry if I don’t check in for a bit, but obviously, I’m totally crazy busy!

Oh yes, FYI, I will be going to Vegas to work this weekend. Not for the new Bossdude but for an old client I do bookkeeping for. As if I didn’t have anything else to worry about, right?!??!

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