The embarrassing truth.

Time to clean my purse out again.

Bitch Bag

I’ve been running around using my Angry Little Girls totebag (I call it my “Bitch Bagâ„¢”) as a purse for a few months. I’m not really “into” Angry Little Girls, but this bag was really appropriate for me and I love it. Michael sent it me a few years ago for my birthday. Thank you again, darlin‘!

Ok, so this is a really inappropriate purse to take to work, but I did it anyway and generally most people laughed at it. Most people. Whatevs! I don’t work there anymore!

Anyway, since I am starting a new job tomorrow, I figured I should probably start using a REAL PURSE for a while, so I transferred everything into a new Coach Soho Satchel handbag that Yoshi bought me a year or two ago for my birthday. It’s new because I loved the handbag so much that I was afraid to use it.

I won’t do a break down of everything that was in my purse because I just don’t have the time for that right now, but WOW! was there a lot of random stuff in there.

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