Random thoughts at 4am

-I just made a post at 8Asians.com entitled: Let’s talk about sex. I wonder who all is going to check THAT post out.

-Chatted with Bobo today. Two of her daughters are having health issues. I’m thinking of them. I also found out that one of the daughters knows me as “Aunt I Don’t Remember Her Name.” Haha, cute. At least she calls me “Aunt.”

-It rained for much of the day. Did some rainy day reading and read something that really moved me.

-Chatted with JJ for a while and kept him up way past his bedtime. He’s known me for so long and can see right through when I’m putting up a front. He’s such a good friend and I love him to bits.

-There is some strange beeping outside that hasn’t stopped for at least 15 minutes. I wonder if it’ll stop before I finish this post.

-I went to the post office today in Hollywood and my crowd gathering disease kicked in. My Mom and I have this weird power where we can walk into a room/store/whatever that is basically empty except for us and then be totally and completely crowded when we leave. I showed up at the post office and there was only one person ahead of me. When I left, there were at least 20 people in line. (Yoshi can vouch for the existence of this power. Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to control this power and use it to fight evil yet.)

-Spontaneously decided to go get a mani/pedi as a treat for starting the new gig. My fingers have been frenched. My toes are hot-pinkified.

-Yoshi was gone all day and I was home alone for most of the day. Yoshi had to drive back in the rain and had a migraine after getting home. We got into bed and snuggled. And so that we could be in bed together, I turned on my laptop to work in bed instead of at my desktop in the other room.

-I love chatting with Akrypti. She’s the bestest.

-Tons to do this weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to OC for a few days. Yes, a few days. I’ll be staying with Mom and Bro.

-OMG the beeping has not stopped. But the heater has turned on so I can’t hear the beeping as much.

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2 Responses to “Random thoughts at 4am”

  • Spouse and co-workers have noticed my strange power of complete and total invisibility, which extends to the vehicle I’m driving as well. What’s up with those people?

  • Oh for the record she remembers your first name cause of the post card you sent her and she plans to write you back too the return address listed. Thanks for the post card she is saving it .

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