A perfect final day at the old job.

(Written 1/26/08 @ 12:30pm)

When I woke up for my last day of work, I was excited, nervous, and happy. At the same time, I was a little wistful and nostalgic about leaving behind a certain chapter of my life.

The day went smoothly as I closed out my accounts, passed off all my files, distributed my office supply goodies (Yes, you can have my electric pencil sharpener. No, the other guy already asked for my tape gun…), turned in all the keys to all the offices I had, and cleaned off my desk. More importantly, I cleaned off my computer, wiping it clean (well as clean as I could easily get it) of all the crap I had installed on my desktop.

For lunch, EC took me out to Magnolia where I ordered my favorite dishes: marinated skirt steak salad (medium well) + a side of brussel sprouts sauteed in butter. Yum. I couldn’t believe it was going to be our last lunch as co-workers and I got really sad because I’ll really, really miss having EC down the hall to talk to and vent at. And now we’ll have to go out of our ways to set up times to get together, which of course I don’t mind doing, but it’s just that much harder. (Side note: John Henson and Kat Foster were both (separately) having lunch there, too).

Everything went even more smoothly than I could have possibly predicted, down to perfect timing of me completing my final work project at 5:25pm, so I could ship it off to my boss in Florida before heading downstairs to have drinks with my friends at The Well. Over the next couple of hours, a bunch of people showed up to have a drink with me; I was especially grateful to the guys who stepped away for a few from their work on the box office stuff (Friday nights are hugely important) to join.

Then at 7:15, I left the bar, exactly at the time I planned. I went back up to my desk, finished the last couple of things I was doing on my computer before shutting it down for the final time. I grabbed my stuff, did a final walkthrough to say goodbye to the folks who were still there and working (but couldn’t get downstairs for drinks) and I left the building exactly on time for me to get my 8pm appointment for a massage.

That’s right. I ended it all with a relaxing and wonderful massage appointment.

On the way home, I checked a voicemail that my former Bossguy had left for me, telling me how proud he was of me for moving on to the next step of my career and how much he misses working with me. He made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with his call.

When I got home from my massage, Yoshi had dinner already prepared for me.

I went online to make this post, but my server was down for most of the night.

No matter, it meant that I could go to bed at a decent hour… with Yoshi, no less! We talked for a long time, about where our life together is going, about how fast the last seven years of bliss together has gone, and then I finally shut my eyes and fell into a deep, joyous sleep.

Life is good.

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