Daily Archive for January 23rd, 2008

After today, only two days left…

Yesterday I sent out my “farewell” email to my colleagues and clients at my current job. (Everyone advised me not to do this on my last day.) I got a lot of responses right away. Most people were surprised that I’m leaving the company, but everyone was supportive. Some people were curious, but you know me, I don’t like to give too much info about stuff like that.

Since it’s official and public knowledge that I’m leaving the company, today was a really busy day of people calling me up, asking how to do things. Bleh. THIS is why you say farewell at the last minute and shut it all down… so no one can ask you for anything! Heh.

Oh wellz.

One of my favorite people at work (DS) took me out for a very nice farewell lunch at Katsuya, which is a wannabe Nobu-type restaurant. Still very yummy and so nice to sit and talk to him.

Today I also did things like shut down my corporate purchasing card as well as my corporate expense account. I’ll miss my dear friends Visa and Amex!

It’s so weird that this chapter of my life/career is really ending. On one hand I can’t wait to move on to something new. On the other hand, I will really miss certain people and certain things about the job.


I started out the day with a big “oops.” While Yoshi was out of town, I was supposed to reschedule a chiro appt. When I called to do this, I also rescheduled my appt so we could come together. Even though I wrote the appointment down, I kind of lost the piece of paper I wrote it on, so the appointments never actually made it into the calendar. I did remember the appointment was for this morning, so I made a (wrong) guess as to the time of the appointment. We showed up 45 minutes late to our appointments. Ooops. Usually we get a call reminding us of our appointment times, but unfortunately, the receptionist had been in a car accident (she got rear-ended) yesterday so she wasn’t around to make calls. Still, it was totally my bad.

I made my next appointment and it is now in my calendar. For the right time.


Dinner was with my friend Dave and his friend NL, who I was meeting for the first time. Dave has been meaning to get us all together for months, but between our crazy schedules, today was the first day we could make it happen. Of course, it meant that we all had to drive in torrential rain to get to the restaurant, but we made it. We had a great dinner and discussion. Looking forward to seeing them both again soon.


Wow. I did a lot today. But I still haven’t had a chance to work on the project that I really need to finish before Friday. I don’t know how I’m going to make that happen. Yuck!

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