I did it! I gave myself a tattoo*!

*Ok, it’s not really a tattoo, and hopefully it is not permanent.

I stayed up really late Monday night doing paperwork and was just wrapping up some stuff I had been writing (with an actual pen instead of something less hazardous, like typing on a keyboard).

The pen is new and it’s kind of hard to make the cap snap back on so I took the pen and jammed down on it with my palm to push the cap down.

Except that I had the cap on the wrong side of the pen and what I actually did was stab myself REALLY REALLY hard in the center of my right palm with a sharp black pen.

Oh holy mother of all things good and evil… gawd it hurt so bad!

This happened at around 3am, which told me that I was probably tired and should probably go to bed soon. I got some rubbing alcohol to disinfect the stab wound but considering I have ink inside the stab wound, it’s no wonder it still hurts almost 24 hours later.

It had stopped bleeding by the time I had gone to bed, but when I woke up in the morning, my hand was really sore.

And yes, you can see the one black spot where I accidentally “tattooed” my own hand.

I rule.

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7 Responses to “I did it! I gave myself a tattoo*!”

  • it might actually be embedded in your palm. for real. it’s similar to the way they tattoo in prison. except they aren’t allowed to scream like babies when the ink is jabbed into their flesh.

  • For the record, I did not scream. (I didn’t wake you up, did I?!)

    I did cry a little, though.

    Mostly I was in shock. Hopefully that is the closest thing I’ll ever experience to having to cut off my own pinky for offending a yakuza boss.

  • yikes!
    I did that when i was 12 with a pencil by accident. I’ve got a nifty tattoo from it where the graphite went in. and i am a lot older than 12 now.

  • zoiks! you’re right, you did need to go to bed, about 5 minutes before you stabbed yourself. I’m a little accident prone and I’ve gotten all kinds of things under my skin throughout the years, you’ll be okay. also, a friend of mine deliberately tattooed herself with india ink years and years back… it does fade, eventually. worst case scenario you’ll have a good story and visual proof for a few years, though I think you should change the story to how you defended Yoshi from a tattooing homocidal maniac… just a suggestion.

  • just from reading this post, i think its safe to say you are so lacking in the sleep department.

  • LOL Whoops!

  • LOL indeed! Hope it heals soon.

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