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Saturday night at home; Sunday night at the Riot Hyatt

I spent all day Saturday at home trying to take care of the list of a million things to do. I tried to clean, but I just didn’t get around to doing as much as I would have liked.

Our friend Dave came over on Saturday night to keep me company and to help me set up the projector (which still doesn’t have a name) in the living room so we could watch a DVD. We ended up watching The Muppet Movie, which neither of us had seen in well over a decade. Even though Dave dozed off during one segment of the movie, we both agreed that the movie still stands up surprisingly well.

I had to work during the day on Sunday, but I was done around 4:30pm. This was roughly the time that Yoshi’s flight came in at Burbank, so I rushed myself over the hill to go do the airport pick-up myself. Since Yoshi’s stuff was covered in cat hair, we needed to go home and unpack as well as repack for our night out (remember the free night at a hotel?).

It’s a really good thing that we did not have to stay at our place on Sunday night because I really did not make a very big dent in the cleaning that needed to be done. As such, a night out in a hotel was a nice distraction from the reality of our messy place.

It did take us forever to get out of the door and over to the Hyatt on Sunset in West Hollywood (aka the Riot Hyatt). And as soon as we got there, we saw all the scaffolding and went “Uh oh, I hope the construction noise doesn’t start way early.” We got inside to check-in and they informed us that construction starts at 8am. The front desk offered to move us over to the Hyatt in Century City, but it ended up not making sense to do that. Plus, it turned out that construction wasn’t scheduled for MLK Day (the next morning), so we were in luck.

They put us in one of the newly renovated rooms, which was extremely nice. (I wrote a review on Yelp) It was so nice to spend time with Yoshi after being apart all week.

And for the record, no strangers attempted to enter our hotel room on this stay.

(Written 1/22/08)

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