Daily Archive for January 18th, 2008

Friday night news

(Written 1/19/08 @ 3:40am)

-Woke up early to drive to Culver City. I finally got my new contacts! I can see again!

-Came home to take a conference call. Don’t know why I was on the call, but I volunteered to take notes so I could be helpful.

-Arrived at the office in time for HS’s farewell lunch. Will miss her! It will probably be the last time I get to lunch with that group of people.

-Lots to do at work, but mostly because I have been a big ol’ procrastinator all week. Also lots of people to talk to.

-Random: I shredded 12 (yes, twelve) old checkbooks today. Can you believe I had that many old checkbooks sitting around?

-Left the office at 7pm to get a massage. The therapist kept commenting on how tight my neck and shoulders are. I am sore now, and still tight.

-Went back to the office because I left something there. Felt guilty for not finishing the item that was due on the 15th so stayed until midnight working on it.

-Right as I was going to leave, my co-worker JS (who had been in Tampa all week) showed up. He was there to meet with the night staff, but since we hadn’t talked in well over a week, we talked until past 1am.

-Got home around 1:30am

-I miss Yoshi, who gets back to LA Sunday night.

-Needed a shower. Took a shower. Feel nice and clean now. Yay!

Ok, if you got through all that randomness, here’s the news:

-It’s official! (Ok, it’s been official for a few days now, but I haven’t shared.) THIS is the good news I’ve been waiting to share: Next Friday will be my last day at my current company!

I am starting a brand-spankin’ new job on Monday 1/28!

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