Daily Archive for January 16th, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

After talking Dave’s ear off on Tuesday night, I was still wide awake. I sat down and watched a bunch of TV and the next thing I knew, it was 4:30am and I had fallen asleep in front of the TV. I went to bed, but then I was wide-awake and watched some trash (Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann) on the TiVo in the bedroom. It was light out before my eyes closed.

And then the construction crew next door showed up and started banging on shit.

For lunch, C2 and I actually left the area and opted to eat at someplace other than Baja Fresh. I offered Sizzler or CPK, in honor of our late friend John Ingram. We used to go as a threesome for lunch to those places; now it’s just me and C2. We ended up at Sizzler, home of the Malibu Chicken Sandwich John loved so much. We both miss John so much.

At the office, I had a bunch of little things to take care of, but it wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow I have a conference call I don’t want to be part of, but it could be worse. After I left work, I ran a couple of errands (going to the post office and returning some stuff to Bed, Bath & Beyond). But while I was out, both of my plans (Plan A and Plan B) called to back out on getting together tonight.

I ended up at home, in my PJs, in front of the space heater in the bedroom or under the covers with my laptop because it’s so chilly in our house.

I was tearing the house apart looking for an important document, but I have resigned myself that I have misplaced it somewhere in this disaster area I call home. Now it’s worse than it was before and I still don’t have the document. I’ve got to get up early and figure out how I can get a duplicate of that thing.

What else?

While sitting in bed, I was killing time by listening to Carpenters music on YouTube. I joked that I was practicing my karaoke for the next time I see stkyrice, but what really happened was that I was searching for something else and accidentally clicked on one Carpenters video and the next thing I knew, I’d listened to a ton of Carpenters songs. On the bright side, I think I can (kind of) sing a bunch of those songs for karaoke for real now. Scary thought, no?

I don’t like going to bed alone at night. I miss Yoshi.

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