Daily Archive for January 15th, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

Yoshi Airport Craziness in the morning.

Began when we overslept and I woke up at 7am when we were supposed to have been walking out the door at 6:30. We got to Burbank around 7:45, I dropped Yoshi off, and started to head back except that Yoshi called and said that the flight was canceled. I had to drive Yoshi to LAX to make an 11am flight. We stopped to grab a quick bite to eat and got to LAX around 9ish, but by the time I got my butt across town and back home (to take a shower) it was past 10am. And I really needed a nap. Blah.

When I was at the office, I noticed a huge plume of smoke coming from a residential area. I covered it at blogging.la: Fire near La Brea / Third / Wilshire on Detroit just North of 6th; felt nice to be providing up to the minute info.

Skipped lunch, but had to leave work early to get to WLA for a tutorial session at 6:30. But I thought it was at 6 and got there super early. Ooop.

Tutorial was good, but I was distracted by drama unfolding via IM at home with Bro and Mom regarding some of the paperwork we worked on over the weekend. Looks like we have to re-do a bunch of it. Doh.

After I was done at school, I met up for a late bite to eat with my old friend JP and his daughter. Man, it’s been a long time since I’d seen either of them. They both looked great but I barely recognized JP’s daughter who was a pipsqueak when I saw her last. Now she’s a beautiful young lady. Wow, time flies. It was great to catch up on old times with the two of them. Such a pleasure.

Headed home and started craving a frozen treat and ended up at Pavilion’s in the freezer section, trying to pick out ice cream that wouldn’t make it feel too guilty after I got home. My friend Dave called me and I ended up talking to him until past midnight. I really opened up and talked about some stuff that I never really talk about. Wow.

Sorry ‘about that, Dave. I think I was just lonely because Yoshi wasn’t home for me to bug. Thanks for being a great friend.

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