Mika tickets! Drinks! Thai food!

I’m either too tired or too tipsy (or both too tired and tipsy) to write up what I did today.

Here’s what I got:
-I had lunch with EC today at our usual place: Zen Zoo Tea. She brought pictures of the baby boy she is carrying in her tummy to share with me… I’d never seen a print from a 4D ultrasound… so cool and strange at the same time.

-Had drinks with a friend from B-school (he’s already graduated) and he brought me some tickets he’d purchased on my behalf… so it’s official… I’m going to the Mika concert next month! I love Mika! I think he is freakin’ adorable and I am soooo excited to go. Even though the tickets were not expensive, my friend was kind enough to get me the tickets at face value (no surcharges), saving me enough money to buy several drinks at the Well… er, Happy Hour prices, anyway.

-I usually don’t get tipsy when I drink, but I think three on an empty stomach might have been too many. Oop.

-I was supposed to have a dinner date with Yoshi but stayed out too late at the bar to eat at a normal hour. By the time I got home, Yoshi was grumbling, “No more drinking for you.” We ended up in Thai Town at Sanamulang. Now that I have more food in my tummy, I am less tipsy.

Time for sleep.

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6 Responses to “Mika tickets! Drinks! Thai food!”

  • Oooh..Sanamluang! Brings back memories of clubbing—er, research for my MA thesis, yes! that’s it!

  • Yum I love that restaurant…. Sounds like things in Joz world are on an upswing.

  • I’d never heard of Mika before, so I looked him up–interesting! Tell me how the concert goes, and let’s plan an OC meetup :) I just read your previous post about your crazy weekend and had to laugh at your exchanges with your mother, it’s totally like me and my mom! And her freaking early AM phone calls! Argh!! Hope you’re taking things easier…

  • Three Drinks on an Empty Stomach! That should be the name of a band.

  • yeah…you’re a lightweight ;) …coming from another lightweight :) I have 2 glasses of wine on a full stomach and I’m giggly

  • Ultrasounds freak me out. Also, I think it was from your blog that I learned what “B-school” is. I met a guy who said he was in “B-school” and I said, “Oh? That’s Business School, right?” Tee hee. I’m a DORK.

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