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Crazy busy weekend

My weekends always seem to be jam-packed these days.

I honestly can’t even remember as far back as Friday. What did I do Friday night? I have no recollection! Oh wait… I do remember one thing.

Earlier in the week, Mom & I had talked on the phone about my plans for the weekend. Since I hadn’t been back to OC since Thanksgiving, she said she needed me to come visit and help her with a few things. I mentioned that I might have to work on Sunday (she had something written down that reminded us both that I was indeed supposed to be working on Sunday) so I told her I would plan to be there on Saturday.

Well late Friday night, my Mom called me to say that she was looking forward to seeing me on Sunday. WHAT?!?!? I was like, “Mom, weren’t YOU the one who reminded ME that I needed to work on Sunday?” She was like, “Are you sure? I just made plans for Saturday afternoon with some friends and can’t cancel them now.” !!!

I told her that I would still go back on Saturday, even if she wouldn’t be around as long as my Bro was around (so he and I could do stuff). Then she started trying to talk me into not going back at all. I told her we could talk about in the morning.

The next morning, my Mom called me up at 7:30am (on a SATURDAY!?!) to wake me up because she wanted me to go back to OC early so we could maximize our time together. While this was a wonderful idea, I WAS TIRED! + I WAS STILL SLEEPING! = GRUMPY JOZ! And I was not going to pay attention to anything she said to me at that hour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back to sleep after the call, so I futzed around the house and was looking for a few things I needed to take back to OC, including several years worth of recycling (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass).

Lucky for me, Yoshi didn’t mind spending the day with me in OC and tagged along. It was a good thing, too, because I was so focused on driving that I wasn’t listening to the traffic report on the radio. There was a big fire on the 5 and thanks to Yoshi’s attentive listening skills, we were able to take a detour and avoid this scene.

Bro and I took all the recycling to the recycle yard and got $139.71 back in cash for it! We also ran errands which involved going to get gas from Costco, picking up movie tickets from the AMC next door, as well as swinging by the PO Box to get my ABSENTEE BALLOT for the February 5 primary. Whoo! The rest of the day Saturday was spent at the house: eating, doing paperwork, napping, and trying to keep warm.

Late that night, all 3 of us we headed back to LA where we continued to stay up even later, doing stuff at my place. Sheesh.

Sunday morning, I could not wake myself up early enough to do the remaining paperwork I still had left to do. I did drop Bro off at his gf’s place and then went off to work, as planned.

Around noonish, my Mom called my cell phone: “Are you awake? Did I wake you up?”

“Actually, Mom,” I said in Chinese, “I’ve been up for several hours now and am already at work. Did you forget that I have to work today?!” We talked about a few more things and I got off the phone.

Unfortunately, several clients overhead me speaking to my Mom and they cornered me. “I didn’t know you could speak Chinese! I didn’t know you could speak it so well! If I had known, I would have asked you about _____!”

ARRRRGH! This is why I pretend not to speak Chinese there! I don’t get paid enough to do to client service and hand-holding for the Chinese-speaking people there! I am supposed to go there, push a bunch of buttons, yell a little, and go off on my merry way! Anyway, it was nice to get some validation that my Chinese skills haven’t totally eluded me, but still.

I got home from work a little earlier than expected, but then had to finish the paperwork that I had put off from earlier in the day.

I was also distracted by the NEW COMPUTER that my brother had given me for my birthday (several months ago) and that he set up for me the previous night. Of course, I was so frustrated by not having everything on the new computer the way I wanted it that I started throwing things and grumbling like crazy.

It was late and I totally needed to go to sleep.

Can I have another weekend to recover from my weekend?

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