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Remembering Teresita…

Sometimes, it’s really hard for me to grasp just how quickly time flies. In so many ways, three years ago seems like it was just yesterday; at the same time so much has happened since that time.

For the last several weeks, I have been thinking a lot about my friend Teresita, who passed away 3 years ago yesterday. [My original post about Teresita is here:

Joz & Teresita 2003

I’ve been missing her a lot not just because an anniversary is coming up, but because there has been so much going on in my life, and I miss sharing my adventures with her. While I’m very lucky and grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who care about me now, I really miss the special friendship and bond Teresita and I shared.

I know I am lucky to have so many friends in real life and via my blog to share my stories with, but I know that Teresita’s patient ear and unique insights will never be replicated. Sometimes when I stay up really late, I think about how I used to stay up all night doing the crazy stuff I used to do and then call her before I would go to bed so we could talk as she was getting up and starting her day.

Teresita was a constant source of support when I needed her the most. She always believed in me and saw great things for my future, even when I couldn’t see anything but fog ahead for myself.

She always let me know exactly how things were: no matter how hard it was for me to hear the painful (or hard-to-face) truth. We could never lie to each other because we could see right through everything else and always got to the heart of matters. We understood each other without having to say anything to each other.

I consider myself lucky to have ever known such an amazing woman and I am so very happy that she was my closest friend when Yoshi and I first began our relationship. Teresita and I got to share the “girl talks” two friends have when one of them falls in love with the love of her life. I’m so glad that Yoshi and I got to spend time with Teresita and Dan in Vegas not too long after that.

I don’t know what else I mean to say in this post, except that every so often I feel a hole in my heart for Teresita when I realize that she’s physically not in this world with me anymore.

Teresita’s family put up a memorial slide show on their family website here:

One of my favorite pictures of her is this one:


Even though I didn’t know her when she was this age, this is the beautiful smile I see on her face when I think of her.

Teresita, I still love you and miss you.

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