I made it to San Jose!

I left LA around 5pm tonight and despite accidentally taking the 99 instead of the 5 and getting lost in Bako (I almost called you for help, LL!) , I made it to Yoshi’s parents house a few minutes ago. My Bakersfield adventure only sidetracked me for about half an hour and took me about 30 miles out of the way (oops), but luckily I realized my mistake at the same time Yoshi had called to check to see where I was.

When Yoshi and Yoshi’s parents realized I was lost, all 3 of them were trying to identify where I was. 3 people, 3 computers. Yoshi was looking on google maps; Yoshi’s Dad also mapped me the old school way: with an honest to goodness fold-out paper map!

Anyway, I stopped just once for a break and a snack and got a chance to catch up with friends on the phone (yes, I was using a handsfree device).

Right now I’m just trying to unwind and check messages. Yoshi + parents are screaming at the basketball game on TV.

Tomorrow I get up early to go pound some mochi.

And despite how dirty that sounds, I swear it’s not.

PS – I’m in the SJ area from now until New Years Eve and then we go up to SF for NYE. If anyone wants to get together, drop me a line.

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