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Running out of juice.

I’ve been sitting here, just killing time (reading Watersea’s archives) instead of doing anything productive like checking email or writing about my trip.

The battery on my laptop is running out so I’m going to shut down and find an outlet. Or at the very least go and use the restroom since all I’ve been doing is drinking tea and water all day.

I guess I’ll start playing with my Nintendo DS now. It’s been very neglected since my flight out here…

See you when I get back to LA!

As predicted…

EB is still stuck in Manchester. There weren’t any flights that were going to get him to JFK in time, so now he is flying from JFK to Ontario, California.

His flight is leaving in 20 minutes so he should get there a couple of hours before me. He says his friend is going to pick him up at Ontario, take him to LAX where he is going to pick his car up and then he’s going to drive to Burbank and pick me up.

Oy vey.

EB has turned up.

Kind of.

I still haven’t seen him, but he just called and says that he’s leaving Manchester and meeting me at JFK this afternoon around the time we are supposed to check in at the airport.

We’ll see…


It’s almost time to check out of my hotel and head over to the airport.


And how come I can’t get everything to fit back into my suitcase??

I’m supposed to head to JFK soon, but there is a snowstorm affecting the area. My flight may be canceled, delayed, or otherwise affected. The good news is that the two previous flights out did leave on time.

Send me good travel mojo.

And hope that EB turns up. I somehow misplaced him on this trip to NYC and he is nowhere to be found.

Oh and now that my trip is almost over, I should have mentioned that I have been twittering via mobile phone throughout my trip. I expect a few more updates there before I home. Check it out: jozjozjoz’s twitter

The deadbolt is my friend.

Thank goodness Jon was still hanging out with me in my hotel room tonight at 3am when a crazy drunk dude banged on my door and then started rattling the handle to try to get in.

We were just hanging out in the room and still talking when we both heard a single short, loud “bang” on the door. At first I wasn’t sure if I was imagining something or if something fell over in the bathroom. But Jon looked up and then started walking to the door.

I half-jokingly called out (loudly), “Don’t let him in if it’s a weirdo.”

And then Jon looked through the peephole, walks back and says to me, “There’s a guy out there and he’s trying to get in.”

I was like, “Is it EB?” (side note: EB ditched me like two days ago in is in Manchester, NH… don’t ask.)

And Jon says, “No. Not unless he turned into a white guy.” (Obviously, EB is not a white guy!)

Then I heard the door rattling violently; someone really was trying to get into my room!

I picked up the phone and called the front desk, told them that someone was trying to get into my room and that I wasn’t expecting anyone and that I was scared (not really, but I like to be dramatic when I want people to take action). She said, “Don’t be scared. It’s probably a drunk person who is trying to get into the wrong room. It happens all the time. I’ll send security up.”

Meanwhile, Jon was still peering out of the door and he offered to open the door and tell the guy that he was looking for the wrong room. The guy outside was still trying to get in.

I told Jon not to open the door and let security handle it.

A few minutes later, we heard security show up and a guy with a New York accent started talking asking the drunkard questions, “What are you doing?” “What’s going on?” etc.

The drunk guy said that he didn’t have a key and that he was trying to get into Room 2409 (that’s not the room I’m in). He was still trying to get into our room.

The security guard radioed down to the front desk to ask who was registered in 2409 and asked for ID from the drunk guy. The drunk guy said that the room wasn’t in his name and that his friend had three different rooms booked and that his ID was in one of those rooms, or some such nonsense. I guess at this time, he was knocking on other doors.

After about 10 minutes, security took care of the situation, probably via escorting the drunk guy away because we didn’t hear anything else.

Even though we weren’t scared, it was rather startling to have someone knock on the door past 3am.

Jon later told me that the first time he looked in the peephole and saw the guy, he was wearing a shirt, but that he must have taken the shirt off at some point because when he looked again the guy was shirtless and had it draped over one of his shoulders.

That visual in my head really makes me laugh: shirtless drunk dude knocking loudly on my NYC hotel room door at 3am. Heh.

Thanks, Jon, for being here with me and for being a witness to the strength of my weirdo magnet. See why Yoshi did not want me on the subway by myself???

(Written at 12/16/07 at 4:30am EST)

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