In NYC. For realz.

It’s been about 10 hours since I landed in JFK this morning and texted Yoshi (4:30am PST) that I was here. (Sorry, did I wake you when I did that, Hunny?)

Since landing at JFK, I have:
-Gotten carsick and nearly hurled in the cab from the airport to the hotel. The cabbie got lost and dropped us in the “approximate location” of our hotel. Luckily, it was only a block away.

-Checked in at a hotel which has been treating us fabulously. Since we’re supposed to be here for 6 nights, they upgraded us to a newly renovated room (yay!) and one with two double beds instead of one king bed (yay! no having to share!). They even tried to check us into the room early when we arrived, but the room wasn’t ready. We still got in early (before check-in). The catch? We are in the Financial District, just a few blocks from Wall Street. And our hotel is CURRENT BEING RENOVATED! (Jackhammering and loud noises abound!)

-We took the subway to Times Square and then walked around a bit. We passed by Macy’s, stopped in the Manhattan Mall to try and get Wi-Fi (no luck), and then headed up past the Empire State Building(60 minute wait to the top… nah!), in search of a Starbucks with a HotSpot. Found one on Fifth Ave and W 35th St, but it was totally crowded so we popped to a little cafe two doors down (Oxford Cafe), where we could still connect to the HotSpot, but get some breakfast. (Fresh OJ and a breakfast panini… yum!)

-We stopped into a souvenir shop so I could pick up some postcards. (Who wants to guess how many I’m planning on sending out this trip?) And then we started wandering toward Central Park. We stopped in the New York Public Library (free internet again) and attempted to do a little shopping before I realized I really, really needed a nap.

-We hailed a cab so we could get back to our hotel. While in the cab, I got a call from Jon. The call got dropped and since we were near the hotel, I just thought I’d call from the room.

-We got into our room where the JACKHAMMERING persisted. I took a shower and fell asleep.

-A few hours later, I woke up, saw EB passed out on the other bed. I went back to sleep.


CONTINUED ON 12/16/07 at 3pm, from JFK airport:
-Honestly, I don’t remember what happened after this. I’m guessing I started working on some postcards and then went the bed??? Man, that was a long time ago!

-WAIT! I remember now! After napping, EB went online and found tickets online for Mary Poppins that night but since we didn’t have a printer, we had to go to Will Call to pick up our tickets. We took the Subway into Times Square and grabbed our tickets (no Ticketmaster fee!) before we started bumming around Times Square for a bit.

-We ended up in the AT&T store because EB had been wanting a new PDA/cell phone, but when we went into the store, they only had a dummy sample of the Tilt (which is the phone EB wanted to check out). The Tilt they brought out was all flimsy and broken and didn’t make us feel confident about how sturdy the real thing was going to be.

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