Packed and ready to go.

If things had worked out perfectly, I’d be on a red-eye right now on the way to JFK with my buddy EB.

Unfortunately, through a series of travel mishaps, EB was stuck in Michigan all day, routed to Atlanta instead of a connecting flight in Cincinnati, unable to take a flight into LA from Atlanta, and is now on a flight from Atlanta to Vegas.

He is going to drive in overnight from Vegas to LA, pick me up, swing by his place to pick some stuff up, and we’re heading back to the airport to catch a flight to NY in the morning.

Don’t ask.

Meanwhile, all of this has been causing Yoshi a lot of stress all day because of the uncertainty of whether or not I would be leaving tonight and at what time.

Also, our hotel situation is totally wonked up now that the flights have been messed with.

Oh well. I can roll with the punches.

I look at it this way: at least I don’t have to go to work or school tomorrow!


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