Daily Archive for November 29th, 2007

Travel Tips from Joz

-Make your plans in advance. If your plans involve your friend offering to fly you up in his private plane to where you need to be, make back up plans.

-Make sure your friend who is supposed to fly you actually puts your trip into the calendar in the right week.

-Be grateful that you did listen to your own advice and booked that backup Southwest flight.

-Don’t forget to do your laundry before you need to travel, especially if you have run out of weather appropriate clothes to wear in SF. If you did not do you laundry in advance, stay up until 3am the night before you’re supposed to leave and do a load.

-Figure out how you’re going to get yourself to the airport since driving yourself to your pilot friend’s home is no longer an option. Sometimes a cab or shuttle will do. If you’re Joz, beg and plead with Yoshi to be chauffeur. Be grateful that Yoshi rules!

-Once you get to the airport, get your ID and your pre-printed boarding pass out. Go through the security line and get stopped because your driver’s license is EXPIRED since your birthday was on Sunday.

-Now that you have been flagged by the TSA for attempting to get on a plane with an expired ID, have all your stuff searched through and swabbed. Also, be prepared to be hand-searched. Fun times!

-Make sure to have all your liquid/gel things in the ziploc bag. Don’t scatter them throughout your luggage and create more red flags as you are already being searched because of your expired ID.

-Once you get through security, check the signs for your flight and proper gate.

-Discover your flight has been canceled and realize you can either catch a flight that is an hour later than your original flight or one that is leaving in 15 minutes.

-Get yourself on the earlier flight and then call your ride (thanks, Akrypti!) to let them know that you’re arriving sooner. Tell your ride that she really doesn’t need to come earlier, but be grateful that she is super duper and is not going to make you wait after getting off the plane.

-Call Yoshi and to say thank you for the ride to the airport and for getting you there early so you could catch the earlier flight. Also mention having an expired DL and get called a dork for not putting your new license in your wallet.

-Sit and blog for a bit and hope that the flight ahead is not going to be as exciting as the trip so far.

-Heading up tonight for the 8Asians hapihour. Looking forward to meeting all everyone!

Thank you friends and loved ones profusely for overlooking your travel planning ineptitude. Especially be grateful to akrypti for picking me up at the airport and for Ernie for providing me a couch.

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