Daily Archive for November 22nd, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m so grateful that my Mom is here so we can spend Thanksgiving together.

My Aunt & Uncle host Thanksgiving at their home every year and every year we stuff ourselves silly with food and enjoy the company of family and loved ones.

I am so grateful that we could all be together for Thanksgiving.

We had some excitement at this year’s Thanksgiving. I guess you could say some sparks were flying… literally.

After we were through with dinner (or round 1 of dinner, as the case may be), most of us were gathered in the kitchen. Some of us were cleaning up after dinner; my cousin J and I were messing around with a batch of cookies in the oven (we JUST found out she might have a bun in the oven herself!!!) when the power went off in the kitchen. I guess the power was out in the rest of the house, too… save for the dining room in the middle of the house.

Then one of my other cousins said he saw something sparking in the wires in the backyard and then the next thing we heard was that the tree was on fire in the backyard!

“Call 911!” I heard my Aunt say.

My cousin J picked up the phone and said, “it doesn’t work.” (No power.)

My cell phone was in my pocket and I dialed 911, hoping it would route to the right place. I’ve got to give props to 911; after getting transferred to the right place, the police responded right away and then a fire truck right after that.

By that time, my Uncle had already put out the fire using the garden hose (dangerous, but necessary… the fire had spread quickly.)

The policeman and the fire fighters took a look around and determined that the fire was caused by some electrical problem outside in the backyard and called the electric company to come fix it.

For a couple hours, we sat (mostly) in the dark with each other, all in the vicinity of the one room with lights. I got to play with an iPhone for the first time (thanks, S!) and within a few hours the electric company had come out to diagnose the problem and call in the manpower necessary to fix the electrical line going to the house. They said that it could have either been the tree or an animal, so there might be a BBQ’d squirrel/possum/raccoon out there. Anyway, we were all good and we even got a few silly pictures in front of the firetruck, too.

Props to the hardworking men & women in public service who work everyday to keep us safe. Thanks.

Now that we’ve got power back, we have been playing videogames and now I’m stealing a moment to blog. Of course, my Mom keeps harassing me to make plans for my birthday this weekend, but I haven’t been wanting to deal with it. Oh well, I will make my birthday plans tomorrow.

PS – My cousin Andrew requests that I mention him in my blog post. He also wants me to mention his speech at the dinner table, but I think those of us who were there would rather forget what he said. :P

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